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Carnage! 4 Player Mission


Throughout the blood-soaked history of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, there have been countless occasions where three rival factions have converged upon a single location to do battle. Rarer, but even more terrible, are the clashes that arise when four such armies contest a single war zone. These momentous confrontations are invariably brutal and bloody affairs, with no quarter asked or given. Each commander seeks mastery of the battlefield, but to do so is to defeat no fewer than three of his peers – a grim and thankless task, but one steeped in glory should he emerge victorious.

For four antagonists to vie so bitterly over a specific battlefield, the prize must be of a suitably grave import. The cause of such a clash will likely be a weapon of great power, or a long-lost piece of technology that can help to turn the tide of the war at large – a lesser reason would not draw so many to its location, nor be worth the risk in both resources and manpower.

Designer’s Note: Carnage! is a special mission designed to be played by four armies of equal size, each fighting against one another to lay claim to a powerful artefact. Though far from essential, we find this mission even more exciting when it is fought between armies selected from four different codexes.


Rumours abound of an artefact of great value that has been discovered deep in no man’s land. Control of this powerful archeotech could well change the fortunes of the ongoing conflict. So have four ambitious commanders converged on its location, ready to fight to the death against all who would threaten their recovery of this priceless artefact.
All players choose armies as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Designer’s Note: As there is a limited amount of space on an average gaming table, we suggest limiting your armies to no more than 1500 points a side unless you have a suitably large battlefield to fight over.

Use the deployment map included with this mission. Place an objective marker in the centre of the battlefield to represent the Artefact. Then set up terrain as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Note that in this mission, no impassable or lethal terrain can be deployed within 6" the centre of the board, though we suggest placing a hill or other suitably imposing terrain piece in the centre for a more cinematic feel.

Before any models are deployed, all players must roll to determine their Warlord Traits.

Each player rolls a D6, re-rolling ties. Whoever rolls highest can decide which deployment zone they wish to set up in. The remaining players take it in turns to choose their deployment zones, starting with the player who rolled the second highest score, and so on. Next, each player rolls a D6, re-rolling ties. Whoever rolls lowest must deploy his entire army first. The remaining players take it in turns to deploy their entire army, starting with the player who rolled the second lowest result, and so on.

Each player rolls a dice, re-rolling ties. Whoever rolls highest takes the first player turn, with play proceeding clockwise (by deployment zone) from that point onwards (players cannot attempt to Seize the Initiative in this mission).

The mission uses Variable Game Length. For the purposes of this mission, each game turn comprises four player turns – one for each player.

At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most Victory Points wins the game. If two or more players have the same number of Victory Points, the game is a draw between those players.

Primary Objectives
At the end of the game, the player who controls the closest model to the Artefact receives 2D6 Victory Points. If models from two or more players are equidistant from the Artefact at the end of the game, distribute the Victory Points earned for controlling the Artefact between those players (rounding fractions up).

Secondary Objectives
Slay the Warlord*, First Blood, Linebreaker*.

* Note that players earn 1 Victory point for each enemy Warlord that they slay. Furthermore, for the purposes of Linebreaker, you earn 1 Victory Point for each enemy deployment zone in which you have one or more scoring units.

Dawn Assault: In this scenario, the Night Fighting rules are always in effect during Game Turn 1.

Lines of Retreat: Units Fall Back towards the closest point of their deployment zone.

Massed Melees: During the Assault phase of each player turn, only resolve combats that include one or more units belonging to the player whose turn it is. If that player’s units are involved in a multiple combat, resolve the entire multiple combat as normal, regardless of how many players are involved in it.

Reserves: Units arriving from Reserve may do so from any point on any table edge that is within the controlling player’s deployment zone.

The Artefact: The Artefact follows the rules for a Mysterious Objective.