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Aeronautica Imperialis

The Aeronautica Imperialis is a branch of the Imperial Navy dedicated to atmospheric warfare. The Aeronautica Imperialis works closely with the Imperial Guard, providing both gunship transportation and close air support.

How This Codex Works

This section of Codex: Imperial Agents includes full background and rules for the operatives of the Imperial Navy. It includes datasheets for an Officer of the Fleet and Valkyries, and a unique Detachment making it easy to add these assets to your army. Aeronautica Imperialis is part of the Armies of the Imperium and ally as such, as described in the Allies section of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.


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► Imperial AgentsCodex71.1January 2017


Codex: Imperial Agents

 Q: Imperial Agents seems to replace existing material but Games Workshop has indicated that players can use either the new or older material. As Imperial Agents lacks certain things present in older material, such as Servo Skulls, which do we use?
If you have bought and own the existing and still currently available digital Codex: Adepta Sororitas and Codex: Inquisition, you can use those over the rules presented in Imperial Agents if you wish.

Aeronautica Imperialis Special Rules

Faction and Allies

The units on this page (Officer of the Fleet and Valkyries) have the Aeronautica Imperialis Faction. They are part of the Armies of the Imperium and ally as such, as described in the Allies section of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules. Transports from this Faction can transport Astra Militarum, Militarum Tempestus and Inquisition units as if they were all of the same Faction.

Special Rules

Grav-chute Insertion

Some drop zones are simply too hot to risk a landing. In such situations, Valkyries can instead disgorge their passengers by way of grav-chutes, the gunships streaking low over the target zone with guns blazing and leaving lines of brave Imperial soldiers floating swiftly groundward in their wake.
If a Valkyrie has moved more than 6", passengers may disembark, but they must do so as follows. Nominate any point over which the Valkyrie moved this turn and deploy the unit as if it were deep striking onto that point. If the unit scatters, every model must immediately take a dangerous terrain test. If any of the models cannot be deployed, the unit is destroyed.

Navy Orders

An Officer of the Fleet may take a Leadership test at the beginning of your turn, before any Reserve Rolls are made. If the test is successful, choose one of the following Navy Orders to immediately take effect. If you have more than one Officer of the Fleet, all modifiers are cumulative.
  • Coordinate Reserves: The Officer directs Navy transports to deliver troops to the front line.
    You receive a +1 bonus to all Reserve Rolls during your turn.
  • Intercept Reserves: The Officer orders Navy fighters to disrupt enemy supply lines.
    Your opponent suffers a -1 penalty to all Reserve Rolls during his next turn, but will always pass a Reserve Roll on a 6.


Imperial Navy Section

All units from this Detachment must have the Aeronautica Imperialis Faction.

Air Superiority: You can re-roll failed Reserve Rolls for units from this Detachment.


Officer of the Fleet


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type
Officer of the Fleet 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+ Infantry (Character)
Unit Composition: 1 Officer of the Fleet
 • Close combat weapon
 • Frag grenades

Special Rules:
 • Independent Character
 • Navy Orders
 • May replace close combat weapon with a laspistolfree
 • May take digital weapons10 pts
 • May take a refractor field10 pts

Fast Attack



BS F S R HP Unit Type Combat Role Pursuit Agility
Valkyrie 3 12 12 10 3 Vehicle (Flyer, Hover,Transport) Attack Flyer 1 3
Unit Composition: 1 Valkyrie
 • Multi-laser
 • Two hellstrike missiles
 • Extra armour
 • Searchlight

Special Rules:
 • Grav-chute Insertion
 • May be upgraded to a Flyer Wing with up to three additional Valkyries 125 pts/model
 • Any Valkyrie may replace its multi-laser with a lascannon10 pts/model
 • Any Valkyrie may replace both of its hellstrike missiles with two multiple rocket pods10 pts/model
 • Any Valkyrie may take a pair of sponsons armed with heavy bolters20 pts/model

Death from the Skies
The Combat Role and the Pursuit and Agility values of the Valkyrie have been included for players using the rules from Death from the Skies.

 Transport Capacity: Twelve models.
 Fire Points: None.
 Access Points: Valkyries has one Access Point on each side of the hull and one at the rear.

Ranged Weapons

Hellstrike Missiles

Streaking away from their wing-racks on trails of flame and smoke, hellstrike missiles roar through the air at high velocity and slam into their targets with incredible force. Powered by a solid fuel core and mounting high explosive warheads capable of tearing a battle tank in two, these weapons are easy to use, quick to manufacture, and extremely effective for air-to-ground attack runs. Deployed en masse by overflying squadrons of Valkyries, these missiles can tear apart whole columns of enemy tanks, blast defensive fortifications sky high, or even be used as a crude but effective tool of assassination should enemy command assets be unwise enough to present themselves for extermination.

Range S AP Type
72" 8 3 Ordnance 1, One use only

Multiple Rocket Pod

The air fills with the hiss and whoosh of propellant as the multiple rocket pod opens fire. Short-fused frag warheads soar down, rapidly turning the target area into a fiery hell of billowing explosions and whipping shrapnel. Infantry caught amid the savage bombardment are torn to pieces, their sundered remains scattered all around the blast zone. As the Valkyrie turns its nose and boosts away, all that is left in its wake is flaming ruin.

Range S AP Type
24" 4 6 Heavy 1, Large Blast

Special Issue Wargear

Digital Weapons

Digital weapons are concealed lasers fitted into rings, bionic implants or the knuckles of a glove. They lack range, but can be used in melee to take advantage of an enemy’s exposed weakness.
A model armed with digital weapons can re-roll a single failed roll To Wound in each Assault phase.

Refractor Field

Often carried by high-ranking officers and Imperial heroes, shimmering refractor fields refract incoming energy around their bearer, batting aside blasts and swinging blades that would otherwise lay them low.
A refractor field confers a 5+ invulnerable save.