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Melee Weapons
• Hunting Lance
• Servo-Arm
Ranged Weapons
• Chem Cannon
• Deathstrike Missile
• Demolisher Siege Cannon
• Demolition Charge
• Earthshaker Cannon
• Eradicator Nova Cannon
• Executioner Plasma Cannon
• Exterminator Autocannon
• Grenade Launcher
• Grenadier Gauntlet
• Hellfury Missiles
• Hellstrike Missiles
• Hot-shot Volley Gun
• Hydra Autocannon
• Melta Cannon
• Mortar
• Multiple Rocket Pod
• Punisher Gatling Cannon
• Ripper Gun
• Storm Eagle Rockets
• Stormshard Mortar
• Taurox Battle Cannon
• Taurox Gatling Cannon
• Taurox Missile Launcher
• Vanquisher Battle Cannon
• Carapace Armour
• Flak Armour
• Power Armour
Special Issue Wargear
• Brute Shield
• Camo Gear
• Medi-pack
• Platoon Standard
• Refractor Field
• Regimental Standard
• Rosarius
• Slabshield
• Snare Mines
• Vox-caster
Psychic Choir Powers
• Temporal Distort
Heirlooms of Conquest
• Bale Eye
• Kurov’s Aquila
• Payback
• Power Field
• The Blade of Conquest
• The Deathmask of Ollanius
• The Emperor’s Benediction
• The Laurels of Command
• The Tactical Auto-Reliquary of Tyberius
Envenomed Blade
Ripper Pistol
Astra Militarum Vehicle Equipment
• Augur Array
• Camo Netting
• Enclosed Crew Compartment
• Fire Barrels
• Recovery Gear
• Relic Plating
Lords of War Equipment
Baneblade Cannon
Demolisher Cannon
Hellhammer Cannon
Magma Cannon
Quake Cannon
Stormsword Siege Cannon
Tremor Cannon
Volcano Cannon
Vulcan Mega-bolter
This section of Codex: Astra Militarum lists wargear (including Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Armour, Special Issue Wargear, Psychic Choir Powers, Heirlooms of Conquest, Astra Militarum Vehicle Equipment and Lords of War Equipment) used by Astra Militarum, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Melee Weapons

Profiles for the following melee weapons can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:
Force Axe
Power Axe

Hunting Lance

Tipped with a single-use explosive head, on the charge the hunting lance hits home with punishing force sufficient to tear even a Chaos Space Marine in two.
A hunting lance is a close combat weapon. However, the first time a model with a hunting lance charges into close combat, for the duration of that phase it adds +2 to its Initiative and counts as being armed with a weapon with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
- +2 3 Melee, Specialist Weapon, One use only


Tech-Priest Enginseers and their Servitor minions often sport powerful servo-arms. These mechanised limbs can be turned with equal ease to complex battlefield repairs, or crushing the life from the foe. Though these weapons are slow to strike, once the blessed hydraulics of the servo-arm’s claw have locked in and begun to squeeze, foes face a hideous and inexorable death.

Range S AP Type
- x2 1 Melee, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy

Ranged Weapons

Profiles for the following ranged weapons can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Chem Cannon

The chem cannon belches hideous clouds of toxic gas. So virulent and acidic is this weapon’s payload that even the desecrated power armour of the reviled Traitor Legions cannot long withstand its roiling caress. Flesh and ceramite alike dissolve, running like blighted candle wax.

Range S AP Type
Template 1 3 Heavy 1, Poisoned (2+)

Deathstrike Missile

Though these deadly artefacts are unpredictable and relatively rare, few weapons can unleash the same devastation as a Deathstrike missile. Mounting a variety of exceptionally deadly warheads and able to strike at targets across vast distances, they descend upon the foe like the fiery sword of the Emperor’s justice.
The Deathstrike missile cannot fire directly.

Range S AP Type
12"-Unlimited 10 1 Ordnance 1, Apocalyptic Blast, Barrage, Ignores Cover, One use only

Demolisher Siege Cannon

Range S AP Type
24" 10 2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast

Demolition Charge

These man-portable explosives excel at destroying enemy armour, though the risks to those tasked with hurling them into the foes’ midst are high.

Range S AP Type
6" 8 2 Assault 1, Large Blast, One use only

Earthshaker Cannon

The distinctive, looming barrel of the earthshaker cannon is a sight capable of striking fear into the Imperium’s many foes. These long-necked artillery guns have an impressive range and can maintain a fearsome rate of fire, lobbing shell after shell into foes and reducing them to blasted ruin.

Range S AP Type
36"-240" 9 3 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast

Eradicator Nova Cannon

Firing shells that contain a sub-atomic core, the eradicator nova cannon is especially useful during sieges and urban warfare. Though it lacks the punch of more conventional ordnance, the shockwave produced by its shells’ detonation is impossible to hide from, pulping even the most dug in enemy infantry.

Range S AP Type
36" 6 4 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Ignores Cover

Executioner Plasma Cannon

A relic of ancient days, the executioner plasma cannon is a rare and incredibly potent weapon. Drawing its power from Ganymede-class plasma coils and able to spread its fury across a wide area, the executioner lives up to its name, bathing whole squads of the enemy’s elite in searing plasma until they are nothing but ash.

Range S AP Type
36" 7 2 Heavy 3, Blast, Gets Hot

Exterminator Autocannon

Able to mow down swathes of infantry or light vehicles with ease, the churning thunder of the exterminator autocannon has been the last sound many foes of the Imperium have heard.

Range S AP Type
48" 7 4 Heavy 4, Twin-linked

Grenade Launcher

Grenade launchers can fire a range of deadly rounds.

Range S AP Type
Frag grenade 24" 3 6 Assault 1, Blast
Krak grenade 24" 6 4 Assault 1

Grenadier Gauntlet

These simple gauntlets lob frag-bombs into the midst of the foe.

Range S AP Type
12" 4 6 Assault 1, Blast

Hellfury Missiles

Hellfury missiles saturate their targets with blazing submunitions.

Range S AP Type
72" 4 5 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Ignores Cover, One use only

Hellstrike Missiles

These missiles can tear through heretic armour and xenos flesh alike.

Range S AP Type
72" 8 3 Ordnance 1, One use only

Hot-shot Volley Gun

These weapons are borne into battle by Tempestus Scions to deal with armoured enemy infantry. Perfect for bringing down Traitor Space Marines or xenos warriors, hot-shot volley guns fire with a distinctive spitting howl.

Range S AP Type
24" 4 3 Salvo 2/4

Hydra Autocannon

Essentially a long-barrelled, outsized autocannon on an anti-aircraft mount, the Hydra autocannon is guided by its predictive logic spirit to fill the skies with sawing lines of deadly fire.

Range S AP Type
72" 7 4 Heavy 2, Skyfire

Melta Cannon

This weapon swiftly reduces armoured targets to molten slag.

Range S AP Type
24" 8 1 Heavy 1, Blast, Melta


Mortar barrages can swiftly slaughter tight-packed enemy infantry.

Range S AP Type
48" 4 6 Heavy 1, Barrage, Blast

Multiple Rocket Pod

These pods fire salvoes of short-fused fragmentation missiles.

Range S AP Type
24" 4 6 Heavy 1, Large Blast

Punisher Gatling Cannon

An unsubtle anti-infantry weapon that epitomises the Departmento Munitorum’s approach to warfare, the punisher slaughters its targets through the application of its overwhelming rate of fire.

Range S AP Type
24" 5 - Heavy 20

Ripper Gun

These huge, drum-fed guns are as crude and direct as their wielders.

Range S AP Type
12" 5 - Assault 3

Storm Eagle Rockets

Each storm eagle rocket delivers multiple high explosive warheads into the heart of enemy formations.
Storm eagle rockets cannot fire directly.

Range S AP Type
24"-120" 10 4 Ordnance D3, Barrage, Large Blast

Stormshard Mortar

The hollow shells fired by the stormshard mortar are packed with thousands of inch-long steel flechettes, each industrially sharpened into the shape of an aquila. Thus when a stormshard shell airbursts above the foe it fills the target zone with lethal, whistling clouds of inescapable Imperial justice.

Range S AP Type
48" 4 6 Heavy 2, Barrage, Blast, Ignores Cover, Shred

Taurox Battle Cannon

A light artillery piece, the Taurox battle cannon is fitted with advanced recoilpardoners and auto-targeters that allow it to fire effectively whilst on the move.

Range S AP Type
48" 7 4 Heavy 1, Blast

Taurox Gatling Cannon

Though smaller than the monstrous punisher cannon from which it was adapted, the Taurox gatling cannon is nonetheless a fearsome weapon. These weapons lay down an impressive curtain of anti-infantry fire, scything down those foes who would seek to overrun their Militarum Tempestus passengers in the field.

Range S AP Type
24" 4 - Heavy 10

Taurox Missile Launcher

The Taurox missile launcher is extremely versatile, able to fire spreads of missiles over long distances and suppress enemy infantry or armour with equal ease.

Range S AP Type
Frag missile 48" 4 6 Heavy 2, Blast
Krak missile 48" 8 3 Heavy 2

Vanquisher Battle Cannon

A weapon for the true tank ace, the vanquisher battle cannon is the pinpoint rapier to the battle cannon’s crunching mace, firing shaped, high explosive shells that can punch through the thickest armour to the ruin of their hapless target.

Range S AP Type
72" 8 2 Heavy 1, Armourbane


Carapace Armour

Carapace armour is made up of large, rigid plates of armaplas or ceramite moulded to fit the wearer.
Carapace armour confers a 4+ Armour Save.

Flak Armour

Cheap and easy to produce, flak armour comprises several layers of ablative thermoplas materials and impact absorbent carbifibres.
Flak armour confers a 5+ Armour Save.

Power Armour

Made from thick ceramite plates and electronically motivated fibre-bundles, power armour is some of the best protective armour available to the servants of the Imperium. Amongst the ranks of the Imperial Guard it is a rarity reserved for Tech-Priest Enginseers.
Power armour confers a 3+ Armour Save.

Special Issue Wargear

Profiles for the following special issue wargear can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Brute Shield

These shields resemble large and resilient energised bucklers. They are carried by some Bullgryns, serving equally well in combat as a defensive measure and handy bludgeon.
A brute shield confers a 5+ invulnerable save and can re-roll To Wound rolls when resolving Hammer of Wrath hits.

Camo Gear

Whether sophisticated cameleoline cloaks, artfully attached foliage or primitive facepaint, camo gear provides its wearer with a modicum of concealment in dense terrain.
A model with camo gear counts its cover save as being 1 point better than normal. Note that this means it always has a cover save of at least 6+, even in the open.


Medi-packs contain all the necessary drugs, dressings and surgical tools to get a wounded Imperial Guardsman back in the fight, or save the lives of vital personnel.
A unit that contains at least one model with a medi-pack has the Feel No Pain special rule.

Platoon Standard

Flying proudly above the Imperial Guard lines, these standards serve as vital rallying points in the chaos of battle.
A unit that contains a model with a platoon standard counts as scoring an additional Wound for the purposes of calculating assault results.

Refractor Field

Often carried by high-ranking officers and Imperial heroes, shimmering refractor fields refract incoming energy around their bearer, batting aside blasts and swinging blades that would otherwise lay them low.
A refractor field confers a 5+ invulnerable save.

Regimental Standard

Memorials to the regiment’s fallen and honour-totems to those who still fight, regimental standards are potent symbols of Imperial pride; any Guardsmen that fight in the shadow of such a banner are inspired to acts of selfless valour.
A regimental standard follows the same rules as a platoon standard. In addition, any friendly units from Codex: Astra Militarum within 12" of a model with a regimental standard re-roll failed Morale, Fear and Pinning tests.


A rosarius is a badge of faith common amongst members of the Ecclesiarchy. Each incorporates a powerful conversion field that protects its wearer from the weapons of the God-Emperor’s enemies.
A rosarius confers a 4+ invulnerable save.


The slabshield is a towering wall of protective armaplas. Heavy-duty magnetic strips along the shield’s edges allow it to be locked together with others of its kind for maximum protective effect.
If a model with a slabshield is in base contact with one or more models with a slabshield from the same unit, it adds +1 to its Armour Save. Furthermore, if a target (friend or foe) is partially obscured from the firer’s view by at least one model with a slabshield, it receives +1 to its cover save.

Snare Mines

Snare mines consist of Munitorum issue proximity detonators or snare-wire, hooked up to whatever explosives can be scraped together.
Enemy units that charge a unit with snare mines count as having made a disordered charge.


A vox-caster is a reliable communications array connected to the tactical command net via light-beam transmitters.
Failed Leadership tests for orders issued to a unit with a vox-caster can be re-rolled, provided the officer’s unit also has a vox-caster. An officer may not use a vox-caster’s ability on his own unit.

Psychic Choir Powers

Temporal Distort

A Sanctioned Psyker Battle Elite can combine their powers to create a disturbance in the fabric of space, causing repetitions and negations of the time stream.
Warp Сharge: 3
Temporal Distort is a blessing or malediction depending on the target. The power must be manifested at the start of the Sanctioned Psyker Battle Elite’s turn. Nominate a unit within 36" of a model from the Psychic Choir. If it is an enemy unit, that unit may not charge in its next turn. If it is a friendly unit, that unit adds 6 to its Run moves (usually D6+6") and adds +2D6 to its charge distance (usually 4D6") until the start of the manifesting unit’s next turn.

Heirlooms of Conquest

The sacred relics of the Imperial Guard are items of incredible rarity. Only one of each of the following items may be chosen per army – there is only one of each of these items in the galaxy!

Only one of each heirloom may be taken per army.

The Emperor’s Benediction1 5 pts
The Laurels of Command2 25 pts
The Tactical Auto-Reliquary of Tyberius2 25 pts
The Blade of Conquest3 25 pts
The Deathmask of Ollanius 30 pts
Kurov’s Aquila2 60 pts
1 Lord Commissar only. Replaces bolt pistol.
2 Company Commander only.
3 Replaces the character’s close combat weapon.

Bale Eye

The Orks of Armageddon believed that Old Man Yarrick could kill with but a glance, a superstition that the Commissar was keen to exploit to his advantage. The forbidding bale eye implanted in place of his own can project a powerful short-range blast of laser energy that will core out an opponent’s skull at ten paces.
The Bale Eye can be used in the Shooting phase in addition to firing another weapon.

Range S AP Type
6" 3 3 Pistol

Kurov’s Aquila

General Kurov was one of the most gifted officers in Imperial history. Upon retirement, he recorded dozens of tactical treatises that were translated into voxghosts by the Adeptus Mechanicus and uploaded into a two-headed avian servitor referred to as ‘Kurov’s Aquila’. A senior officer who possesses this prestigious tool can turn to it for tactical guidance, addressing his questions to the hunched machine-bird. In response, the servitor’s blindfolded head will vocalise the most relevant vox-ghost in Kurov’s stentorian tones. The other head’s eyes glow above its bound-shut beak as they project a hololithic display of Kurov himself, arms folded and dress uniform immaculate, his imago flickering as it reveals the secrets of the foe.
The officer, and all friendly units from Codex: Astra Militarum within 6", have the Preferred Enemy special rule. In addition, the bearer may re-roll a single failed Leadership test per turn.


Sergeant Harker’s favourite heavy bolter, ‘Payback’, has served him well in countless hostile war zones.

Range S AP Type
36" 5 4 Heavy 3, Rending

Power Field

Yarrick is protected by a thrumming power field, a potent personal shield generator that bleeds the force from incoming attacks amid crackling skeins of golden lightning until it stops them altogether.
The Power Field gives Yarrick a 4+ invulnerable save.

The Blade of Conquest

The greatest Imperial Guard commander ever to bestride the stars, Warmaster Solar Macharius reclaimed a thousand worlds for the Emperor. Upon his death he was enshrined as a saint; the six ornate blades of his subordinate generals laid upon the altar to his glory. Only one of these weapons has been reclaimed to active service. The Blade of Conquest is a beautiful example of bladesmithing, but its true worth lies in the authority it symbolises. Any man who wields this sword can light a righteous fire in the hearts of his men, for they fight in the shadow of Saint Solar himself.

Range S AP Type
- +1 3 Melee, Master-crafted

The Deathmask of Ollanius

Ollanius the Pious is the epitome of Imperial sainthood, believed martyred at the hands of Horus himself. In the millennia since his passing, Ollanius’ deathmask has been revered as a holy relic; whosoever wears this ancient artefact is granted the determination and endurance of the famous martyr himself. The mask is a terrifying piece of craftsmanship, depicting in obsidian and void-fired bronze the agonised visage of a tortured angel. It is said that, in the presence of traitors, the Deathmask will weep tears of blood.
The bearer of the Deathmask of Ollanius gains a 4+ invulnerable save, and has the It Will Not Die and Fear special rules.

The Emperor’s Benediction

Wielded by a succession of brutal, uncompromising Commissars, this masterwork bolt pistol is feared by all. Its elementary but bloodthirsty machine spirit has been blamed for a series of unfortunate ‘accidents’ on the field of battle. In spite of this, the Officio Prefectus view the Emperor’s Benediction as an artefact of some distinction – some say that it can taste cowardice even before the reprehensible act has been committed.

Range S AP Type
12" 5 4 Pistol, Precision Shot, Master-crafted

The Laurels of Command

The Laurels of Command are a callous and controversial means to ensure obedience. Concealed within their peerless artistry is a band of empathic-impulsion circuitry which allows the wearer limited control over the minds of indoctrinated individuals via subliminal suggestion. Under their effects even cowards fight to the last, while orders are executed in perfect synchronisation. However, if the officer wearing the Laurels is slain, the echoes of his death can leave his subordinates reeling in confusion.
Whenever a friendly unit from Codex: Astra Militarum within 6" of the bearer is required to take a Morale check, the bearer of the Laurels may choose whether they pass or fail. However, if the model with the Laurels is removed as a casualty, all friendly units from Codex: Astra Militarum within 6" must take an immediate Pinning test.

The Tactical Auto-Reliquary of Tyberius

Built into the gold-chased skull of Lord Commander Lucellin Tyberius himself, this device contains a web of psycho-circuitry containing Tyberius’ memory engrams and tactical acumen – and with it, his curmudgeonly and overbearing personality. Borne aloft by its own gravitic motors, the device observes and evaluates an officer’s decisions. The moment it considers an order poorly chosen, the skull cuts into the vox and loudly overrides its exasperated owner. In imperious, static-laden tones, the auto-reliquary will countermand the officer’s orders and issue a barrage of its own from Tyberius’ store of tactical insights.
When rolling Leadership tests for orders issued by an officer with the Tactical Auto-Reliquary, any successful Leadership test that results in a double will count as Inspired Tactics. However, if you roll a double 1 while using the Tactical Auto-Reliquary, you still benefit from Inspired Tactics, though the officer has ‘accidentally’ shut the device out of the vox network – it may no longer be used this game.

Envenomed Blade

Marbo carries a large Catachan knife coated with deadly toxins.

Range S AP Type
- User - Melee, Poisoned (2+)

Ripper Pistol

Loaded with armour-piercing, envenomed rounds, Marbo’s ripper pistol is the final word in terminal close encounters.

Range S AP Type
12" X 3 Pistol, Sniper

Astra Militarum Vehicle Equipment

Profiles for the following astra militarum vehicle equipment can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Augur Array

These ‘spyboxes’ feed intelligence back to command elements behind the lines. Strategic servitors compile and redistribute this data in order to refine the coordinates issued to support elements in the field.
If you attempt to bring a unit on from reserve using Deep Strike, and the location chosen for its deployment is within 6" of a vehicle with an augur array, that unit does not scatter. The augur array must have been on the battlefield at the start of the turn in order for it to be used.

Camo Netting

Whether rare cameleoline netting or crude webbing woven with local flora, camo netting helps conceal a vehicle from prying eyes.
A vehicle with camo netting counts its cover save as being 1 point better than normal. Note that this means it always has a cover save of at least 6+, even if it is in the open.

Enclosed Crew Compartment

Some artillery vehicles are fitted with additional armour plating to protect the exposed crew carriage.
Vehicles with the enclosed crew compartment upgrade no longer have the ‘Open-topped’ portion of their unit type.

Fire Barrels

Though discouraged by the Officio Prefectus, some crews lash short-fused barrels of promethium to their tanks’ hulls. In a pinch, these barrels can be set alight and cut loose, showering nearby enemies in blazing fuel.
The first time an enemy unit attempts to charge a vehicle with fire barrels, that unit suffers D6 Strength 4 AP5 hits. These hits are Randomly Allocated.

Recovery Gear

Many crews load their vehicles with collections of tools, tow cables and other useful kit that can make the difference between digging an immobilized vehicle out of a tight spot or having to abandon it to its fate.
If a vehicle with recovery gear is Immobilised, then in subsequent turns it may attempt to repair itself. To make the attempt, roll a D6 at the end of the Movement phase; on the roll of a 6, the vehicle is no longer Immobilised. Note that this does not restore a Hull Point.

Relic Plating

Occasionally a crew will achieve an empathic relationship with the machine spirit of their battle tank. When such a crew perishes, their remains may be interred within their vehicle, spirits lingering protectively to drive away the baleful energies of the void.
A vehicle with the relic plating upgrade has the Adamantium Will special rule.

Lords of War Equipment

Baneblade Cannon

The Baneblade cannon fires three foot-long, adamantium-tipped, rocket-propelled anti-tank shells packed with high explosives. These terrifying rounds punch through even the thickest armour with ease, producing explosions that are as vast as they are deadly.

Range S AP Type
72" 9 2 Primary weapon 1, Apocalyptic Blast

Demolisher Cannon

A short ranged, direct fire artillery piece, this wide bore canon hurls a massive shell whose weight alone is enough to crush a light tank. The destructive force of each blast will atomise the most heavily armoured foes in a heartbeat, leaving nothing but a blazing crater to show where the Emperor’s foes once stood.

Range S AP Type
24" 10 2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast

Hellhammer Cannon

The Hellhammer cannon fires high calibre shells, each containing an unstable sub-atomic core. Where these deadly rounds hit home, everything is engulfed by a blindingly bright blast. Split seconds later, a deafening roar and buffeting shockwave roll out from the blast zone. Of the foe caught within the blast zone, little remains.

Range S AP Type
36" 10 1 Primary weapon 1, Ignores Cover, Massive Blast

Magma Cannon

The magma cannon is named for the white-hot blasts of energy its thermochemical `sunhammer` warheads create upon impact. This weapon is more than capable of reducing a Stompa or bio-titan to blackened wreckage with a single direct hit.

Range S AP Type
60" 10 1 Primary weapon 1, Large Blast

Quake Cannon

Firing high yield concussion shells over vast distances, the quake cannon is a ferociously effective siege-gun. Though disadvantaged at short range by its fuselocked ordnance, the weapon’s reach and ferocious stopping power more than make up for this shortcoming.

Range S AP Type
24"-180" 9 3 Primary weapon 1, Apocalyptic Blast

Stormsword Siege Cannon

The Stormsword siege cannon fires enormous, rocket-propelled shells that detonate with vast concussive force. Stormsword gunners are trained to lob their shots low, punching through the ground floors of defensive buildings to bring them tumbling down or carving vast craters beneath foes and pitching them to their doom.

Range S AP Type
36" 10 1 Primary weapon 1, Apocalyptic Blast, Ignores Cover

Tremor Cannon

Firing hefty proximity-shells filled with super-dense tectorium ore, the tremor cannon gouges huge craters out of the battlefield with every shot. Even as a lethal wave of blazing overpressure rolls out from the blast, the tectorium’s primary reaction shudders out through the ground, shaking the battlefield to its bedrock and flinging the enemy off their feet in screaming confusion.

Range S AP Type
60" 8 3 Primary weapon 1, Earthshock, Massive Blast

Earthshock: All models under the tremor cannon’s massive blast marker that were not removed from play as a result of that shooting attack must take a Dangerous Terrain test once the hit has been resolved.

Volcano Cannon

The volcano cannon’s sheer power is the stuff of legend. Shields collapse beneath its searing beam, armour sloughs away into molten slag or simply vaporises altogether. A single shot from such a weapon can reach out across a battlefield to effortlessly slay the mightiest monster or super-heavy tank, while infantry caught in its blast will be ash before they realise they have been hit.

Range S AP Type
120" D 2 Primary weapon 1, Large Blast

Vulcan Mega-bolter

The vulcan mega-bolter screams as it spits out swathes of mass-reactive shells. Wherever the mega-bolter’s fire rakes across the foe, they disintegrate, blasted into puffs of blood and piles of wreckage in seconds. Warriors fighting beneath the barrels of these chattering weapons must wade knee-deep through spent shell casings, struggling to reach their foes through drifts of smoking brass.

Range S AP Type
60" 6 3 Heavy 15