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Melee Weapons
• Blood Talon
• Crozius Arcanum
• Furioso Force Halberd
• Glaives Encarmine
• Relic Blade
• Servo-Arm
Ranged Weapons
• Angelus Boltgun
• Astartes Grenade Launcher
• Cyclone Missile Launcher
• Deathwind Launcher
• Demolisher Cannon
• Frag Cannon
• Hurricane Bolter
• Stormstrike Missile
• Typhoon Missile Launcher
• Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher
• Artificer Armour
• Power Armour
• Scout Armour
• Terminator Armour
Special Issue Wargear
• Auspex
• Blood Chalice
• Camo Cloak
• Chapter Banner
• Cluster Mines
• Combat Shield
• Company Standard
• Death Mask
• Digital Weapons
• Hellfire Shells
• Iron Halo
• Jump Pack
• Locator Beacon
• Narthecium
• Rosarius
• Servo-harness
• Signum
• Space Marine Bike
• Special Issue Ammunition
• Storm Shield
• Teleport Homer
Armorium Cherub
Relics of Baal
• Blood Reaver
• Blood Song
• Fury of Baal
• Gallian’s Staff
• Heaven’s Teeth
• The Angel’s Wing
• The Axe Mortalis
• The Blood Crozius
• The Crown Angelic
• The Death Mask of Sanguinius
• The Executioner’s Axe
• The Red Grail
• The Veritas Vitae
• Valour’s Edge
The Hammer of Baal
Blood Angels Vehicle Equipment
• Ceramite Plating
• Frag Assault Launchers
• Magna-grapple
• Overcharged Engines
• Siege Shield
Rear Grapples
Blood Angels Psychic Powers
• Sanguine Sword
• Sanguinary Discipline
 1 Fear of the Darkness
 2 Unleash Rage
 3 Shield of Sanguinius
 4 Blood Boil
 5 The Blood Lance
 6 Wings of Sanguinius
This section of Codex: Blood Angels lists wargear (including Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Armour, Special Issue Wargear, Relics of Baal, Blood Angels Vehicle Equipment, Blood Angels Psychic Powers and Sanguinary Discipline) used by Blood Angels, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Melee Weapons

Profiles for the following melee weapons can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:
Force Axe
Power Axe

Blood Talon

The blood talon echoes the Space Marine lightning claw writ large. Forged from adamantium, energised using reserves from the Dreadnought’s power plant, and blessed by both the Techmarines and Chaplains of the Chapter, these weapons are truly lethal.

Range S AP Type
- x2 2 Melee, Shred, Specialist Weapon

Crozius Arcanum

Upon ascension to the ranks of the Reclusiam, a Blood Angels Chaplain is presented with a crozius arcanum. These are both badges of office and weapons wreathed in a crackling energy field.

Range S AP Type
- +2 4 Melee, Concussive

Furioso Force Halberd

Librarian Dreadnoughts wield large and deadly force halberds.

Range S AP Type
- x2 2 Melee, Force

Glaives Encarmine

Forged from an alloy known as Angelsteel, a glaive encarmine is a weapon of great ritual significance for the Blood Angels. Indeed, many are the same weapons borne by Azkaellon’s battle-brothers during the Horus Heresy. The glaives take a variety of forms, from longbladed swords to elegant war axes, yet all are equally deadly.

Range S AP Type
Encarmine axe - +1 2 Melee, Master-crafted, Two-handed, Unwieldy
Encarmine sword - User 3 Melee, Master-crafted, Two-handed

Relic Blade

To carry a relic blade is to bear the honour of the Chapter. In battle their crackling blades sing a golden note as they cleave the foe.

Range S AP Type
- +2 3 Melee, Two-handed


Servo-arms can be used for battlefield repairs or as deadly weapons.

Range S AP Type
- x2 1 Melee, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy

Ranged Weapons

Profiles for the following ranged weapons can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Angelus Boltgun

The wrist-mounted angelus boltgun fires bloodshard shells, whose razor-filament bolts can cut through armour with ease.

Range S AP Type
12" 4 4 Assault 2

Astartes Grenade Launcher

The Astartes grenade launcher uses adaptive targeters to compensate for high speed vehicular deployment.

Range S AP Type
Frag grenade 24" 3 6 Rapid Fire, Blast
Krak grenade 24" 6 4 Rapid Fire

Cyclone Missile Launcher

This weapon is essentially a rack of frag and krak missiles that can be mounted atop the shoulders of a suit of Terminator armour.
A Terminator can fire his cyclone missile launcher in addition to his storm bolter.

Range S AP Type
Frag missile 48" 4 6 Heavy 2, Blast
Krak missile 48" 8 3 Heavy 2

Deathwind Launcher

Fitted to some Drop Pods, these rapid-firing missile launchers provide punishing cover-fire for passengers during deployment.

Range S AP Type
12" 5 - Heavy 1, Large Blast

Demolisher Cannon

A stunningly unsubtle weapon, the demolisher cannon is a short ranged heavy artillery piece ideal for line breaking or siege warfare.

Range S AP Type
24" 10 2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast

Frag Cannon

The frag cannon fires vast clouds of razor-edged shrapnel, filling the air with a whizzing cloud of deadly shards.

Range S AP Type
Template 6 - Assault 2, Rending

Hurricane Bolter

Hurricane bolters lay down heavy anti-infantry firepower, drumming dozens of shots into the foe in a matter of seconds.
A hurricane bolter consists of three twin-linked boltguns fired as a single weapon.

Stormstrike Missile

Stormstrike missiles detonate with a thunderous boom that leaves any survivors in the blast radius reeling and disoriented.

Range S AP Type
72" 8 2 Heavy 1, Concussive, One use only

Typhoon Missile Launcher

The typhoon missile launcher turns a Land Speeder into a multi-purpose weapons platform that savages infantry and armour alike.

Range S AP Type
Frag missile 48" 4 6 Heavy 2, Blast
Krak missile 48" 8 3 Heavy 2

Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher

Housing cadaverous telemetric-servitors, the whirlwind multiple missile launcher is a superlative suppression weapon that can maintain a fearsome bombardment even on the move.

Range S AP Type
Vengeance 12"-48" 5 4 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast
Incendiary castellan 12"-48" 4 5 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Ignores Cover, Large Blast


Artificer Armour

The armourers of the Blood Angels are exceptionally skilled artisans. It can take many lifetimes to produce a single suit of sculpted plate, but each is a masterful work of art that provides the wearer with superior protection.
Artificer armour confers a 2+ Armour Save.

Power Armour

Made from thick ceramite plates and electrically motivated fibre bundles that enhance the movement of the wearer, power armour is the standard protection for Space Marines.
Power armour confers a 3+ Armour Save.

Scout Armour

Less cumbersome than power armour, scout armour is ideal for infiltration work and allows greater freedom of motion.
Scout armour confers a 4+ Armour Save.

Terminator Armour

Terminator armour is amongst the best personal protection the Imperium can provide for a Space Marine.
Terminator armour confers a 2+ Armour Save and a 5+ invulnerable save. Furthermore, models in Terminator armour have the Bulky, Deep Strike and Relentless special rules, and may not make sweeping advances.

Special Issue Wargear

Profiles for the following special issue wargear can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:


The auspex is a hand-held data-oracle, capable of scanning in a range of wavelengths and triangulating battlefield targets.
A model with an auspex can use it in place of making a shooting attack. If he does so, target an enemy unit within 12" (this does not count as choosing a target for his unit to shoot at). A unit that is targeted by one or more auspexes has its cover saves reduced by 1 until the end of the phase.

Blood Chalice

Each blood chalice is believed to contain a sliver of the essence of Sanguinius himself that reaches out to the minds of nearby battle-brothers and urges them on to greater glories.
All models with the Blood Angels Faction in a unit that includes at least one model with a blood chalice add 1 to their Weapon Skill.

Camo Cloak

Often worn by Blood Angel Scouts, these lumophagic garments imitate the appearance of nearby terrain, camouflaging the wearer when in cover.
A model wearing a camo cloak has +1 cover save. If it does not already have a cover save, it gains a 6+ cover save.

Chapter Banner

The Chapter banner of the Blood Angels is a masterwork of craftsmanship, inspiring Sanguinius’ sons with its glory.
Friendly units with the Blood Angels Faction within 12" of a model with a Chapter banner reroll failed Morale checks and Pinning tests. In addition, all friendly models with the Blood Angels Faction in the same unit as this banner have +1 Attack whilst the bearer is alive.

Cluster Mines

These devices are used for area denial, laced through dense terrain where their payload of microbomblets is at its most lethal.
After your army deploys, Scouts redeploy and Infiltrators deploy, but before the roll to Seize the Initiative, each unit with cluster mines in your army may booby-trap a single piece of battlefield terrain on the table. The piece of battlefield terrain should be marked with a small marker (a coin will do) to remind both players that it has been booby-trapped. Enemy models treat booby-trapped pieces of battlefield terrain as dangerous terrain. Note that having multiple units booby-trap the same piece of battlefield terrain has no additional effect. A unit with cluster mines which begins the game in Reserve may still booby-trap a piece of battlefield terrain.

Combat Shield

A combat shield fits to the wearer’s vambrace, leaving their hands free to bear weapons while providing effective protection in combat.
A combat shield confers a 6+ invulnerable save.

Company Standard

Every Blood Angels company standard is an inspirational masterpiece that proudly proclaims that Company’s roll of honour.
Friendly units with the Blood Angels Faction within 12" of a model with a company standard re-roll failed Morale checks and Pinning tests.

Death Mask

Each death mask contains a vengeful machine spirit whose wrath and spite crackle about the mask as a terrifying golden halo.
A model with a death mask has the Fear special rule.

Digital Weapons

These potent point-blank lasers are concealed in finely wrought gauntlets or masterwork warrior jewellery, their lethality belied by their crafted elegance.
A model armed with digital weapons can re-roll one failed roll To Wound in each Assault phase.

Hellfire Shells

Originally developed for battling the Tyranids, these shells contain a voracious bio-acid that can dissolve flesh in seconds.
Each time a weapon with hellfire shells fires, the controlling player can choose whether to fire a hellfire shell or to use the ordinary profile for that weapon.

Range S AP Type
24" 1 - Heavy 1, Blast, Poisoned (2+)

Iron Halo

Echoing the flickering war-halo of the Primarch himself, the iron halo projects a protective energy field around its honoured bearer.
An iron halo confers a 4+ invulnerable save.

Jump Pack

Jump packs allow the wearer to leap through the air in short, controlled bursts of flight, a deployment method particularly beloved of Sanguinius’ sons.
Models with jump packs gain the Jump unit type.

Locator Beacon

Singing out like an angelic datachoir, a locator beacon’s signal guides reserve forces into battle with pinpoint accuracy.
Friendly units do not scatter when arriving from Deep Strike Reserve, so long as the first model is placed within 6" of a model with a locator beacon. For this to work, the bearer must have been on the battlefield at the start of the turn.


This device allows Sanguinary Priests to tend to their fallen battle-brothers, or extract their gene-seed should they be beyond saving.
As long as the model with the narthecium is alive, all models in his unit have the Feel No Pain special rule.


A rosarius is both an ornate badge of office and a potent force-field generator that shields its bearer from harm.
A rosarius confers a 4+ invulnerable save.


A mobile shrine to the Omnissiah, this device contains multiple tools and blessed attachments to aid in the Techmarine’s craft.
A servo-harness gives the bearer two servo-arms, a plasma cutter and a flamer. In the Shooting phase, the model can fire both harness-mounted weapons, or one harness-mounted weapon and another weapon.

Range S AP Type
Plasma cutter 12" 7 2 Assault 1, Gets Hot, Twin-linked


An ancient and highly specialised communications device, a signum can provide individual warriors with pinpoint targeting data that heightens their accuracy to lethal levels.
At the start of the Shooting phase, a model with a signum can choose to use it instead of shooting. If he does so, one model in his squad sets its Ballistic Skill to 5 for the remainder of the Shooting phase. Declare that the signum is being used before any rolls To Hit are made.

Space Marine Bike

Space Marine bikes are resilient and reliable, fast-moving armoured steeds that bear their riders swiftly into battle no matter what hazards they face.
Models with Space Marine bikes change their unit type to Bike. Space Marine bikes are fitted with a twin-linked boltgun.

Special Issue Ammunition

Special issue ammunition encompasses a number of rare and specialist boltgun rounds, each ideally suited for a different foe.
In addition to the normal profile for their boltgun (including boltguns that are part of a combi-weapon but not storm bolters), models with special issue ammunition can choose, in each of their Shooting phases, to instead use one of the profiles below until the beginning of their next Shooting phase. All models with special issue ammunition in a unit must use the same profile.

Range S AP Type
Dragonfire bolt 24" 4 5 Rapid Fire, Ignores Cover
Hellfire round 24" 1 5 Rapid Fire, Poisoned (2+)
Kraken bolt 30" 4 4 Rapid Fire
Vengeance round 18" 4 3 Rapid Fire, Gets Hot

Storm Shield

Formidable slabs of armour plate in their own right, storm shields are sheathed in incredibly potent force fields capable of turning aside almost any attack.
A storm shield confers a 3+ invulnerable save. In addition, a model with a storm shield can never claim the +1 Attack gained for being armed with two Melee weapons in an assault.

Teleport Homer

Teleport homers emit a powerful signal onto which teleportarium augurs can lock. This allows teleport deployment of Terminator Squads with far greater reliability and safety.
Friendly units composed entirely of models in Terminator armour do not scatter when arriving from Deep Strike Reserve, so long as the first model is placed within 6" of the teleport homer’s bearer. For this to work, the bearer must have been on the battlefield at the start of the turn.

Armorium Cherub

Cherubim are diminutive flying cyborg constructs created to assist the Emperor’s servants, be they scribe or soldier. Among the Adeptus Astartes they are rarely seen outside of the Librarius, save for those few that relay targeting data and carry spare ammunition for Devastator Squads.
One use only. One model in a unit equipped with an armorium cherub can re-roll all failed To Hit rolls in one Shooting phase. An armorium cherub is represented by a separate miniature that will always remain as close as possible to the unit that selected it. The model itself is purely decorative and is always ignored for game purposes – just move it to one side if it gets in the way. Remove the armorium cherub once it has been used or once the unit that selected it has been completely destroyed.


The grav-amp is a wonder of archeotech that focusses and strengthens the field of the bearer’s grav-weapons.
When rolling To Wound with a grav-weapon, or to determine its effects on a vehicle, the bearer can re-roll the result.

Relics of Baal

Relics of Baal are items of incredible power with names and histories that are spoken of in the same reverent tones used to describe the Chapter’s greatest heroes. Only one of each of the following artefacts may be chosen per army – there is only one of each of these items in the galaxy!

Only one of each Relic of Baal may be taken per army. A model may replace one weapon with one of the following:

The Crown Angelic1 10 pts
The Veritas Vitae1, 2 15 pts
Valour’s Edge 20 pts
Fury of Baal 25 pts
The Angel’s Wing1, 3, 4 25 pts
1 Does not replace one of the character’s weapons.
2 May only be taken by your Warlord.
3 Note that these pieces of wargear are mutually exclusive. For example, a Librarian riding a Space Marine bike may not also take a jump pack.
4 May not be taken by models wearing Terminator armour.

Blood Reaver

Never was a weapon so aptly named as Seth’s massive chainsword. Armed with this ruinous blade, Seth can carve even the most heavily armoured opponents apart in welters of gore.

Range S AP Type
- x2 4 Melee, Rending, Two-handed

Blood Song

This weapon was made for Tycho by the Chapter’s master artificers, and is as much a symbol of status as it is a terrifying weapon of war. Perfectly calibrated and imbued with a machine spirit of exceptional nobility, Blood Song has never let its master down.
Blood Song is a combi-weapon with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
Bolter 24" 4 4 Rapid Fire, Master-crafted
Meltagun 18" 8 1 Assault 1, Melta, Master-crafted, One use only

Fury of Baal

This masterwork plasma pistol was created by Chapter artisans many thousands of years ago. Its spirit is as wrathful as the star around which Baal orbits, and its fires are said to burn as hot. Just as the Blood Angels must strive to direct their anger rather than let it rule them, so too must their most potent weapons. As such, plasma containment chambers and secondary heat-sinks ensure that Fury of Baal never turns its wrath upon he who wields it. The foe, of course, enjoys no such protection.

Range S AP Type
12" 7 2 Pistol, Master-crafted

Gallian’s Staff

The Librarian Donatus Gallian’s mind was a finely honed weapon, a perfect fusion of the golden light and hungry darkness that wars at the heart of every Blood Angel. He was ever aware of the damage his abilities could cause should he fall to the Flaw, so he crafted a force stave able to siphon off the fury of his Red Thirst and channel it to bolster his manifested powers. How he did this is not recorded, and to their great frustration the Blood Angels’ artisans have never been able to replicate the feat. Since his death, others have tried to wield Gallian’s Staff, though it must be used with caution – the stave’s hunger for emotion seems to grow with every passing century.

Range S AP Type
- +2 4 Melee, Concussive, Force, Rage-fuelled

Rage-fuelled: A model with Gallian’s Staff can re-roll any dice rolls of a 1 when making a Psychic Test, but will immediately suffer a Wound, with no saves of any kind allowed, for each re-rolled dice that is also a 1.

Heaven’s Teeth

This deadly chainsword is rumoured to have been crafted by the hand of the Primarch himself.

Range S AP Type
- +1 - Melee, Rending

The Angel’s Wing

An ornate jump pack of great age and fame, the Angel’s Wing was originally made for Leonartas, Captain of the 8th Company in the waning years of M32. The jump pack was specially tailored to complement Leonartas’ reckless temperament, its machine spirit charged with safeguarding the wearer and his brothers on their way into battle. To this end, the Angel’s Wing incorporates oracle-class counter-ballistic augurs and collision-avoidance wards. These still function, millennia later, and allow the wearer and his companions to advance at speed through even the most tangled terrain while avoiding all but the heaviest incoming fire.
A model with the Angel’s Wing gains the Jump unit type. A unit containing a model with The Angel’s Wing may re-roll the scatter dice to determine their final position when arriving by Deep Strike, and may also re-roll any rolls on the Deep Strike Mishap table. Furthermore, any models that target this unit as a result of the Interceptor special rule can only make Snap Shots when doing so.

The Axe Mortalis

This axe strikes swift as lightning, its expert balance allowing every strike to be perfectly placed.

Range S AP Type
- +2 2 Melee, Master-crafted

The Blood Crozius

This ancient weapon was wielded by the first High Chaplain of the Blood Angels. Once it was handed down from Reclusiarch to Reclusiarch, yet after the Warp-wrought death of High Chaplain Raniel the weapon was declared cursed. Now it finds battle clutched in the furious grip of Chaplain Lemartes, its tainted power no concern to a warrior who knows he is already doomed.

Range S AP Type
- +2 4 Melee, Concussive, Master-crafted

The Crown Angelic

Crafted by the noted artisan Agostinias, the Crown Angelic’s value is near incalculable. However, the true worth of this device can be seen upon the field of battle, where it also blazes with a terrible, merciless light that sears its way into the souls of the foe. Senses flooded by the Crown’s furious radiance, even the bravest enemy warriors wilt in terror.
A model with the Crown Angelic has the Fear special rule. In addition, the enemy suffers a -2 penalty to Leadership when taking Fear tests caused by this item.

The Death Mask of Sanguinius

This mask evokes terror in all who are beneath its gaze.
The Death Mask of Sanguinius grants Commander Dante the Fear special rule. Furthermore, at the start of each Fight sub-phase, all enemy units that are locked in combat and are within 6" of Dante must take a Fear test, not just the unit he is in base contact with.

The Executioner’s Axe

Astorath’s axe is crafted to deliver the perfect killing blow. Many consider the blade to be cursed, for it is steeped beyond cleansing in the blood of Sanguinius’ sons. Yet it is a peerless weapon of mercy and of war, its cutting edge coated with void-diamond and sharpened to a monomolecular finish.

Range S AP Type
- +1 2 Melee, Killing Strike, Two-handed, Unwieldy

Killing Strike: When a weapon with this special rule rolls a 6 To Wound, the target is wounded automatically, regardless of the target’s Toughness, and the Wound has the Instant Death special rule.

The Red Grail

This is the very chalice in which the Primarch’s blood was preserved after his death. Those in its presence are seemingly exhorted to greater deeds by his spirit.
All friendly units with the Blood Angels Faction within 6" of Corbulo (including Corbulo himself) add 1 to their Weapon Skill and Initiative. The bonus to Weapon Skill is not cumulative with the bonus granted by a blood chalice.

The Veritas Vitae

The Scrolls of Sanguinius, upon which a number of the Primarch’s prescient visions were recorded, are far too precious ever to be risked upon the field of battle. However, on occasions when the foresight contained therein is specific enough to be linked to a particular conflict, the ancient device known as the Veritas Vitae is coaxed into life, and the words of Sanguinius read aloud so that it may commit them to its machine spirit memory. This ornate vox-reliquary hovers in the wake of a Blood Angels officer, mechanically intoning the prophetic fragments with which it has been entrusted, its words containing strategic insights that might allow an attentive commander to change the flow of a battle or even an entire war in his favour.
A model with the Veritas Vitae generates an additional Warlord Trait from the Strategic Traits table. If the additional trait is the same as the first trait they generated, roll again until a different trait is generated.

Valour’s Edge

The ancient power sword known as Valour’s Edge is breathtakingly beautiful. Its blade gleams with a golden light and its hilt is bejeweled and finely worked. Ancient records suggest that the sword was presented to Sanguinius by the Emperor himself, a token to commemorate some victory now lost to the past. Whatever the truth, Valour’s Edge is far more than a mere decorative piece – able to gauge the worth of its wielder, the sword blazes with golden fire when grasped by one whose intent it deems pure. In the hands of such an individual, Valour’s Edge cuts a blinding swathe through the foe. Searing afterimages dance in its wake, its razor edge sings a clarion note as it cleaves through the air, and neither blade, armour nor shield can deflect its scything blows.

Range S AP Type
- User 2 Melee

The Hammer of Baal

This exquisite weapon was forged by master-artisans several millennia ago. It was entrusted by Dante himself into Karlaen’s custody when he took up the mantle of Captain of the 1st Company. Since that day, it has been the doom of traitors and aliens beyond counting.

Range S AP Type
- x2 2 Melee, Concussive, Master-crafted, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy

Blood Angels Vehicle Equipment

Profiles for the following blood angels vehicle equipment can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Ceramite Plating

The plates that clad the hull of the Stormraven Gunship are conditioned and pre-blessed to resist the fires of atmospheric re-entry. In battle, these precautions serve the further purpose of absorbing the fury of enemy heat-weapons.
Melta weapons do not roll an extra D6 armour penetration when shooting this vehicle at half range or less.

Frag Assault Launchers

The hulls of Land Raider Crusaders and Land Raider Redeemers are studded with explosive charges designed to hurl shrapnel at the enemy as the troops inside charge out.
Any unit charging into close combat on the same turn as it disembarks from a vehicle with frag assault launchers counts as having frag grenades.


Consisting of a potent gravitic magnet and a spooled length of adamantium chain, a magnagrapple can clamp onto vehicle hulls before hauling the Dreadnought towards its target at speed.
A model with a magna-grapple has the Move Through Cover special rule. In addition, a unit containing a model with a magna-grapple can re-roll failed charges when attempting to charge a vehicle.

Overcharged Engines

Many Blood Angels vehicles incorporate overcharged ‘Lucifer’ engines that enable a breakneck turn of speed. The secrets of their construction belong only to the Sons of Sanguinius, a source of much friction with the jealous Priests of Mars.
A vehicle with overcharged engines gains the Fast unit type.

Siege Shield

Many Vindicators are equipped with an enormous bulldozer blade, allowing them to shoulder aside battlefield detritus without risk.
A vehicle with a siege shield automatically passes Dangerous Terrain tests.

Rear Grapples

Magna-lock arrays of prodigious strength, the grapples of a Stormraven Gunship can bear a mighty Dreadnought to war.
A Stormraven can transport a single Dreadnought with its rear grapples. An embarked Dreadnought suffers a Strength 10 hit on its rear armour if a Zooming Stormraven is wrecked or suffers a Crash and Burn! result; the hit is Strength 4 if the Stormraven is Hovering.

Blood Angels Psychic Powers

The Librarians of the Blood Angels combine the deadly energies of the Warp with the slivers of rage and bloodlust that lurk deep within their own psyche. They can manipulate the minds, bodies and souls of those around them with a mere thought, or conjure golden barriers and bloody weapons from thin air through sheer force of will.

Sanguine Sword

Mephiston’s force sword bursts into crimson flame, kindled with the heat of his inner rage.
Warp Сharge: 1
Sanguine Sword is a blessing that targets Mephiston. Whilst the power is in effect, his force sword has Strength 10.

Sanguinary Discipline


(Primaris Power)
The Librarian channels his psychic might and the powers of the Immaterium flow through the veins of a chosen hero, raising his speed to deadly heights.
Warp Сharge: 1
Quickening is a blessing that targets either the Psyker or a single friendly character within 12" of the Psyker. Whilst this power is in effect, the target has the Fleet special rule and +D3 Initiative and Attacks (roll once for both characteristics).

Fear of the Darkness

Summoning the malice within the Warp, the Librarian unleashes a wave of sheer terror, assailing his foe’s soul with nameless torment and sorrow.
Warp Сharge: 1
Fear of the Darkness is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 12". The target must immediately take a Morale check with a -2 Leadership modifier.

Unleash Rage

The Librarian reaches into the minds of his fellows and stokes the fires of anger lurking in the depths of their psyches, pushing them into a frenzied rage.
Warp Сharge: 1
Unleash Rage is a blessing that targets a single friendly unit within 18". Whilst the power is in effect, the target has the Rage special rule. If the target already has the Rage special rule, they instead have +1 Attack whilst this power is in effect.

Shield of Sanguinius

The Librarian wills a shimmering golden barrier into existence, preserving his companions from harm.
Warp Сharge: 1
Shield of Sanguinius is a blessing that targets the Psyker. Whilst the power is in effect, all models in the Psyker’s unit have a 5+ invulnerable save.

Blood Boil

The Librarian drives his enemy’s lifeblood into a seething frenzy, causing it to boil in the victim’s own veins a split second before busting from every pore with explosive finality.
Warp Сharge: 2
Blood Boil is a focussed witchfire power with a range of 18". The target must take two Toughness tests; for each test that is failed the target loses a single Wound with no saves of any kind allowed. If the target is slain, centre the large blast marker over the target before removing him as a casualty. All other models under the marker suffer a Strength 4 AP5 hit with the Ignores Cover special rule.

The Blood Lance

The Librarian conjures a mighty lance, glistening with blood and gore and infused with a sliver of his innermost rage. On a single unspoken command, the lance flies from his hands, skewering everything in its path.
Warp Сharge: 2
The Blood Lance is a beam with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
12" 8 1 Assault 1, Lance


Wings of Sanguinius

Blood-red wings of psychic energy spring from the back of the Librarian or his allies, allowing them to soar across the battlefield like avenging angels.
Warp Сharge: 2
Wings of Sanguinius is a blessing that targets a single friendly Infantry unit within 12". Unless locked in close combat, the target immediately makes a move of up to 12". This move cannot end on top of another unit or impassable terrain, but ignores intervening units, terrain, etc. Any model that starts or ends this move in difficult terrain must take a Dangerous Terrain test. The target unit cannot charge in the same turn that this power is used, and all models in the unit count as having moved in the Movement phase for the purposes of shooting weapons in the Shooting phase.