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Special Rules

Dark Angels Special Rules
• Combat Squads
• Deathwing
• Grim Resolve
• Ravenwing
Special Rules
• Anti-grav Upwash
• Bane of the Traitor
• Blessing of the Omnissiah
• Bolster Defences
• Drop Pod Assault
• Fortress of Shields
• Honour or Death
• Icon of Old Caliban
• Immobile
• Inertial Guidance System
• Killshot
• Linebreaker Bombardment
• Marked for Retribution
• Master of Repentance
• Master Tactician
• Mindlock
• Neural Shock
• Rad Poisoning
• Repair
• Rift Vortex
• Rites of Battle
• Sap Will
• Smite
• Stasis Anomaly
• Suppressive Bombardment
• Supreme Strategist
• Swift Vengeance
• Tactical Precision
• Unrelenting Hunter
• Vast Stasis Anomaly
• Venerable
• Vengeful Strike
Dogfight Missile
Tactical Objectives
Warlord Traits
Wing Leaders
Ravenwing Wing Leaders
This section details army special rules including Dark Angels Special Rules, Tactical Objectives, Warlord Traits and Wing Leaders.

Dark Angels Special Rules

Combat Squads

It is sound doctrine for Space Marine units to remain flexible, splitting into two entities as the tactical situation dictates.
A full strength, ten-man unit with this special rule can break down into two five-man units, called combat squads, considered to be two five-man squads of the same type. For example, a ten-man Tactical Squad can split into two five-man Tactical Squads using the Combat Squads special rule.

You must decide which units are splitting into combat squads, and which models go into each combat squad, immediately before determining your Warlord Traits. A unit split into combat squads therefore is now two separate units for all game purposes, including calculating the total number of units in the army and determining the number of units you can place in Reserve. Then proceed with deployment as normal. In an exception to the normal rules, two combat squads split from the same unit can embark in the same transport vehicle, providing its Transport Capacity allows. Once you have decided whether or not to split a unit into combat squads, it must remain that way for the entire battle. It cannot split up or join back together later on in the battle, nor can you use a redeployment to split up a unit or join it back together.

Note that Ravenwing Bike Squads count as being at full strength when they include seven models. If split into combat squads, this unit will divide into three units: two units of three models and a single Ravenwing Attack Bike.


No traitor can stay the wrath of the Dark Angels 1st Company.
A model with this special rule has the Fearless and Hatred (Chaos Space Marines) special rules.

Grim Resolve

The Sons of the Lion are renowned for their ruthless tenacity, composure and fire discipline in battle.
Models with this special rule have the Stubborn special rule and, unless Jinking, count their Ballistic Skill as 2 when firing Overwatch.


The Dark Angels 2nd Company are the hunstmen of the Chapter, and undisputed masters of mounted combat.
A model with this special rule can re-roll failed cover saves when it Jinks.

Special Rules

Anti-grav Upwash

Whilst this unit includes at least three Ravenwing Land Speeders, it can move an additional 6" when moving Flat Out.

Bane of the Traitor

When the Mace of Redemption is used to attack a unit with the Chaos Space Marines Faction, its AP is increased to 1.

Blessing of the Omnissiah

In each of your Shooting phases, instead of firing his weapons, a Techmarine can choose to repair a single friendly vehicle that he is in base contact with or embarked upon. To repair a vehicle, roll a D6 and add 1 for each Servitor with a servo-arm in his unit, and an additional 1 if the Techmarine has a servo-harness. If the result is a 5 or more, you may either restore a Hull Point lost earlier in the battle, or repair a Weapon Destroyed or Immobilised result suffered earlier in the battle; this is effective immediately.

Bolster Defences

After deployment, but before Scout redeployments and Infiltrate deployments, nominate one piece of terrain in your deployment zone (this cannot be one you have purchased as part of your army). The terrain piece’s cover save is increased by 1 for the duration of the game (to a maximum of 3+). Note that a piece of terrain can only be bolstered once.

Drop Pod Assault

Drop Pods and units embarked upon them must be held in Deep Strike Reserve. At the beginning of your first turn, half of your Drop Pods (rounding up) automatically arrive from Reserve. The arrival of remaining Drop Pods is rolled for normally. Once a Drop Pod lands, all passengers must disembark and no models can embark for the rest of the game.

Fortress of Shields

Any model in this unit that is equipped with a storm shield (including models with the Independent Character special rule that have joined it) and is in base contact with at least two other models from this unit has +1 Toughness.

Honour or Death

A model with this special rule must issue and accept a challenge whenever possible. If there is more than one friendly model in a combat with this rule, you may select which model issues or accepts the challenge.

Icon of Old Caliban

Friendly units with the Dark Angels Faction within 6" of one or more Ravenwing Darkshrouds gain the Fear and Stealth special rules (though this does not affect the Darkshrouds themselves). Furthermore, enemy units cannot fire Overwatch at friendly units with the Dark Angels Faction that are within 6" of one or more Ravenwing Darkshrouds at the start of the Assault phase.


A Drop Pod cannot move once it has entered play, and counts in all respects as a vehicle that has suffered an Immobilised result that cannot be repaired in any way. This does not cause it to lose a Hull Point.

Inertial Guidance System

If a Drop Pod scatters on top of impassable terrain or another model (friend or foe), reduce the scatter distance by the minimum required in order to avoid the obstacle. If the Drop Pod scatters off the edge of the board, it suffers a Deep Strike Mishap.


Whilst this unit includes three Predators, all Predators in the unit have the Monster Hunter and Tank Hunters special rules.

Linebreaker Bombardment

Whilst this unit includes three Vindicators that can all fire their demolisher cannons, the unit can fire a single Linebreaker Bombardment instead of firing normally. To do so, nominate one model in the unit as the firer; the firer’s demolisher cannon changes its type from Large Blast to Apocalyptic Blast and gains the Ignores Cover special rule.

Marked for Retribution

Belial re-rolls all failed To Hit rolls when fighting in a challenge.

Master of Repentance

If Asmodai slays the enemy Warlord in a challenge, you immediately score D3 extra Victory Points.

Master Tactician

An army that includes Azrael adds +1 to any Seize the Initiative rolls it makes.


If it does not contain a Techmarine, an unengaged unit that contains at least one model with this special rule must roll a D6 at the start of its turn. On a 4+, this special rule has no effect this turn. On a 1, 2 or 3, the unit is mindlocked until the start of its following turn. A mindlocked unit may not voluntarily move, shoot or charge, but must still complete compulsory moves, such as Pile In and Fall Back moves.

Neural Shock

Hits caused by this psychic power always wound on a 4+. This special rule has no effects on vehicles or buildings.

Rad Poisoning

When attacking with a weapon that has this special rule, a To Wound roll of 6 causes 2 Wounds on the target unit, regardless of the target’s Toughness. Each Wound is allocated and saved against separately.


If a Rhino is Immobilised, then in subsequent turns, it may attempt to repair itself instead of shooting. To make the attempt, roll a D6 in the Shooting phase; on the roll of a 6+, the vehicle is no longer Immobilised. Note that a successful Repair does no restore a Hull Point.

Rift Vortex

If any double is rolled when rolling for scatter for an attack made by this weapon, resolve the rest of the attack as if the weapon had the Vortex special rule.

Rites of Battle

All friendly models with the Dark Angels Faction can use Azrael’s Leadership value in place of their own.

Sap Will

If a model suffers any unsaved Wounds from Mind Worm, its Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative and Leadership characteristics are reduced by 3 (to a minimum of 1) for the rest of the battle.


When a model equipped with this weapon makes its close combat attacks, it can choose instead to make a single Smite attack. If it does so, roll To Hit as normal but resolve the Attack at Strength x2, AP2.

Stasis Anomaly

All models in a unit hit by one or more weapons with this special rule suffer a -1 penalty to their Weapon Skill and Initiative (to a minimum of 1) until the end of the turn.

Suppressive Bombardment

Whilst this unit includes three Whirlwinds, each model’s Whirlwind multiple missile launcher has the Pinning and Shred special rules.

Supreme Strategist

When determining Warlord Traits for Azrael, choose any trait from the Dark Angels Warlord Traits table.

Swift Vengeance

Sammael can fire up to two ranged weapons in the Shooting phase.

Tactical Precision

Belial and his unit do not scatter when arriving by Deep Strike.

Unrelenting Hunter

When shooting at enemy vehicles, a Nephilim Jetfighter can choose to treat any Weapon Destroyed result as an Immobilised result instead.

Vast Stasis Anomaly

Any unit hit by one or more weapons with this special rule reduces its Weapon Skill and Initiative by 3 (to a minimum of 1) until the end of the turn. Furthermore, if a model suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from this weapon, it must pass a separate Initiative test for each Wound suffered or be removed from play as a casualty.


If a Venerable Dreadnought suffers a penetrating hit, you can make your opponent re-roll the result on the Vehicle Damage table. You must accept the second result, even if it is worse than the first.

Vengeful Strike

A model with the Deathwing special rule that arrives by Deep Strike treats all of its ranged weapons as having the Twin-linked special rule until the end of the turn.

Dogfight Missile

In a Dogfight, this missile has unlimited range and the Skyfire special rule (at any angle of attack).

Tactical Objectives

11Not One Step Backwards 
12No Forgiveness 
13Let None Escape Your Gaze 
14Apprehend and Interrogate 
15Flawless Strategy 
16The Path of Redemption 

Codex: Dark Angels describes six Tactical Objectives to use in your games that are exclusive to Dark Angels players and reflect their secretive, but incredibly single-minded and resolute method of war.

If your Warlord has the Dark Angels Faction, these Tactical Objectives replace the Capture & Control Tactical Objectives (numbers 11-16).

If a Warhammer 40,000 mission has the Tactical Objectives special rule, players use the normal rules for using Tactical Objectives with the following exception: when a Dark Angels player generates a Capture & Control objective (numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16), generate the corresponding Dark Angels Tactical Objective instead, as shown in the table below. Other Tactical Objectives (numbers 21-66) are generated normally.

Secret Agenda: If your Warlord has the Dark Angels Faction, hide your dice roll when generating Tactical Objectives. If the Tactical Objective generated does not have the Dark Angels Type, reveal both the dice roll and the Tactical Objective to your opponent as normal (unless the mission you are playing instructs you otherwise). If the Tactical Objective generated has the Dark Angels Type, keep the dice roll and Tactical Objective hidden; reveal these Tactical Objectives only when achieving them.

Intractable and immovable, you must stand firm in the face of the foe no matter what horrors they unleash.
When this Tactical Objective is generated secretly choose either your next turn, your next two turns or your next three turns; score 1, D3 or D3+3 Victory points respectively if this Tactical Objective is still Active at the end of the number of turns you chose. This Tactical Objective is immediately discarded if any friendly unit fails a Morale Check. If the game ends before this Tactical Objective is achieved, no Victory Points are scored.
Be implacable in your hatred of the foe. Root them out and scour them from existence, wherever they may hide.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if you completely destroyed 1 or more enemy units that were controlling an Objective Marker at the start of your turn.
Tear aside the flimsy veil that hides the thoughts of the foe. Rip free their secrets from the darkest hollows of their minds, and prove to them that there is no escape from vengeance.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if you successfully manifested one or more psychic powers from the Interromancy discipline during your turn.
The path of one of the Fallen has crossed this battlefield – more information must be extracted from enemy leaders.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least one enemy character was slain in a challenge during your turn. If your opponent’s Warlord was slain in a challenge during your turn, score D3 Victory Points instead.
Honour the Lion in the perfect application of battlefield tactics.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if one or more friendly units with the Deathwing or Ravenwing special rule arrived from Reserve during your turn. If one or more friendly units with the Deathwing special rule used a teleport homer to arrive by Deep Strike within 6" of a friendly unit with the Ravenwing special rule during your turn, score D3 Victory Points instead.
Prove your faith and loyalty in the Emperor by fulfilling your duty, no matter the cost.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if, during your turn, a friendly unit with the Dark Angels Faction charged an enemy unit that, at the start of the Charge sub-phase, included more models than their own unit.

Designer’s Note
If you own a deck of Dark Angels Tactical Objective Cards, you can generate your Tactical Objectives by shuffling the deck and drawing the top card instead of rolling a D66. These should be kept face up, so your opponent can see which Tactical Objectives you have generated, unless the mission you are playing instructs you otherwise.

Warlord Traits

When generating Warlord traits for a Warlord with the Dark Angels Faction, you can either roll on one of the Warlord Traits tables in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules or roll on the table below.

D6Warlord Traits
1The Hunt
This Warlord is renowned for rooting out member’s of the Fallen from their hiding places - no heretic is safe from his fierce scrutiny.
Your Warlord has the Precision Shots special rule. In addition, your Warlord’s shooting attacks have the Ignores Cover special rule. 
2Courage of the First Legion
The Dark Angels have ever been famous for standing fast beside their leaders, for their loyalty never falters.
Your Warlord, and all friendly units with the Dark Angels Faction within 12" of him, have the Fearless special rule. 
3For the Lion!
It is deeds, not words, that truly stoke a Dark Angel to cold fury. This leader inspires his battle-brothers through the courage of his actions.
Your Warlord and his unit have the Furious Charge special rule. 
4Brilliant Planning
The commanders of the Dark Angels share a measure of their Primarch’s vaunted ability to coordinate attacks.
While your Warlord is alive and on the battlefield, you can add 1 to or subtract 1 from any of your Reserve Rolls (choose after you roll the dice). 
5Rapid Manoeuvre
This Warlord is known for his ability to swiftly redeploy into ideal attack positions, outmanoeuvring the foe before crushing them utterly.
Your Warlord and his unit add 3" to their maximum move distance when they move Flat Out, Turbo-boost, Run and make charge moves
6Hold At All Costs
A Dark Angels commander can call upon the famed tenacity of his Chapter’s warriors to defend crucial objectives.
Your Warlord and his unit have the Feel No Pain special rule whilst they are within 3" of an Objective Marker

Wing Leaders

Ravenwing Wing Leaders

Stern and solemn, with the gleam of a true predator in their eyes, the sergeants of the Ravenwing are frightening individuals. Their focus is absolute, their skill incredible, and no enemy can hide from their gaze for long.
Faction: Dark Angels.

D6Special Rule
1-2Son of the Lion: Add 1 to the Pursuit value for this Wing Leader. Add 2 to the Pursuit value if any models in the enemy army have the Chaos Space Marines Faction. 
3-4Sweep the Skies: The Wing Leader and any other models from his Flyer Wing can move on from any point along any table edge when arriving from Ongoing Reserves
5-6Seekers of the Foe: Any friendly unit with the Dark Angels Faction which Deep Strikes within 12" of this Wing Leader will not scatter