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Melee Weapons
• Blade of Caliban
• Corvus Hammer
• Crozius Arcanum
• Flail of the Unforgiven
• Halberd of Caliban
• Mace of Absolution
• Relic Blade
• Servo-arm
Ranged Weapons
• Avenger Mega Bolter
• Blacksword Missiles
• Cyclone Missile Launcher
• Deathwind Launcher
• Demolisher Cannon
• Hurricane Bolter
• Plasma Storm Battery
• Plasma Talon
• Ravenwing Grenade Launcher
• Rift Cannon
• Stasis Bomb
• Typhoon Missile Launcher
• Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher
Blacksword Missiles
• Artificer Armour
• Terminator Armour
Special Issue Wargear
• Armorium Cherub
• Auspex
• Camo Cloak
• Chapter Banner
• Combat Shield
• Company Standard
• Conversion Field
• Deathwing Company Banner
• Digital Weapons
• Grav-amp
• Hellfire Shells
• Iron Halo
• Jump Pack
• Narthecium
• Perfidious Relic of the Unforgiven
• Rosarius
• Sacred Standard
• Servo-harness
• Signum
• Space Marine Bike
• Storm Shield
• Teleport Homer
• Ravenwing Company Banner
Relics of Caliban
• Blades of Reason
• Book of Salvation
• Foe-smiter
• Lion Helm
• Lion’s Roar
• Mace of Redemption
• Monster Slayer of Caliban
• Raven Sword (Sableclaw)
• Raven Sword (Sammael)
• Shroud of Heroes
• Sword of Secrets
• Sword of Silence
• The Eye of the Unseen
Dark Angels Vehicle Equipment
• Frag Assault Launchers
• Locator Beacon
• Siege Shield
Dark Angels Psychic Powers
• Interromancy Discipline
  Mind Worm
 1 Seed of Fear
 2 Righteous Repugnance
 3 Aversion
 4 Maelstrom of Misery
 5 Trephination
 6 Mind Wipe
This section of Codex: Dark Angels lists wargear (including Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Armour, Special Issue Wargear, Relics of Caliban, Dark Angels Vehicle Equipment, Dark Angels Psychic Powers and Interromancy Discipline) used by Dark Angels, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Melee Weapons

Profiles for the following melee weapons can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:
Force Axe
Power Axe

Blade of Caliban

Ancient and lethal relics of war, the Blades of Caliban are carried only by those heroic Company Champions who have earned the right in battle. Heavy, ornate weapons graven with the names of their previous wielders, these energised swords cut through all but the thickest armour with ease.

Range S AP Type
- +1 3 Melee

Corvus Hammer

Swung with vengeful might by its Black Knight wielder, the corvus hammer smashes its victim from their feet in a shocking spray of blood. Adapted from the traditional monsterslaying weapons of the old Calibanite knights, these sharp-beaked hammers punch through armour and crush bone to powder.

Range S AP Type
- +1 - Melee, Rending

Crozius Arcanum

The crozius serves as both a sacred staff of office and a weapon for Dark Angels Chaplains. An energy field boosts the crozius arcanum’s mauling power.

Range S AP Type
- +2 4 Melee, Concussive

Flail of the Unforgiven

Lashing through the air with cruel force, the flail of the Unforgiven tears great strips from armour, flesh and bone alike. Wielded by the leaders of the Deathwing Knights, these archaic weapons are used with furious force to castigate all unworthy scum that stand in the Dark Angels’ path, and foreshadow the horrific fate that awaits those Fallen who are taken to the dungeons of the Rock.

Range S AP Type
- +2 3 Melee, Concussive, Fleshbane

Halberd of Caliban

The Company Champion of the Deathwing traditionally carries this massive weapon, reforged from a Blade of Caliban shattered in battle long ago and incorporating the same grim technologies that power the weapons of the Deathwing Knights. The name of every brother to wield this weapon is microscopically etched into its blade, while the ground finger bones of the Fallen burn amid everlasting flames within censers fitted in the weapon’s haft.

Range S AP Type
- +2 2 Melee, Two-handed

Mace of Absolution

Wreathed in glowing smoke, these massive weapons are as sinister in aspect as they are lethal in application, and are capable of obliterating even the mightiest heretics in a blaze of killing light.

Range S AP Type
- +2 3 Melee, Concussive, Smite

Smite: When a model equipped with this weapon makes its close combat attacks, it can choose instead to make a single Smite attack. If it does so, roll To Hit as normal but resolve the Attack at Strength x2, AP2.

Relic Blade

The relic blades of the Dark Angels are solemnly bestowed upon their greatest warriors. Few foes can stay the wrath of these coldly glowing blades, or endure their scything blows.

Range S AP Type
- +2 3 Melee, Two-handed


These massive articulated utility-claws are primarily used to facilitate battlefield repairs, but are strong enough to crush the life from a foe and wreck armoured vehicles, should the need arise.

Range S AP Type
- x2 1 Melee, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy

Ranged Weapons

Profiles for the following ranged weapons can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Avenger Mega Bolter

The avenger mega bolter opens up with a thunderous roar, filling the air with a deadly hail of heavy bolt shells. Jutting from the nose of the Nephilim Jetfighter, this weapon is the ideal tool for tearing apart light aircraft, or shredding infantry with high-speed strafing runs.

Range S AP Type
48" 6 4 Heavy 5

Blacksword Missiles

Streaking through the air like blades of vengeance, blacksword missiles leave ominous dark contrails in their wake. Each missile impacts with a deafening crack, swatting enemy aircraft from the sky as spinning fireballs.

Range S AP Type
36" 7 3 Heavy 1, One use only

Cyclone Missile Launcher

Borne on the broad shoulders of a Terminator battle-brother, the cyclone missile launcher spits salvoes of high impact warheads. Triggered with a thought, the weapon can fire either frag missiles for slaughtering tightly-packed enemy infantry, or krak missiles capable of punching through the thickest armour.
A Terminator can fire his cyclone missile launcher in addition to his storm bolter.

Range S AP Type
Frag missile 48" 4 6 Heavy 2, Blast
Krak missile 48" 8 3 Heavy 2

Deathwind Launcher

Explosions ripple outward in a furious storm as the deathwind launcher opens up. Designed to purge Drop Pod landing zones, these missile launchers are short-ranged but punishingly effective.

Range S AP Type
12" 5 - Heavy 1, Large Blast

Demolisher Cannon

Few weapons command the terror evoked by the blunt maw of the demolisher cannon. Firing ferociously destructive high explosive shells, the demolisher can level an enemy bunker or reduce a battle tank to a crater with a single shot.

Range S AP Type
24" 10 2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast

Hurricane Bolter

The aptly named hurricane bolter spews forth a torrential barrage of shots, reducing whole squads to red mist in seconds.
A hurricane bolter consists of three twin-linked boltguns fired as a single weapon.

Plasma Storm Battery

Like a supernova born amid the fires of battle, the blast of the plasma storm battery annihilates anything it touches. Whether spitting multiple bolts of energy or loosing a single, monstrous blast, this weapon spells death to all before it.

Range S AP Type
Burst mode 36" 7 2 Heavy 3, Gets Hot
Charged mode 36" 7 2 Heavy 1, Gets Hot, Large Blast

Plasma Talon

Armour melts away and flesh turns to seething vapour as the plasma talons of the Black Knights let fly. Lesser victims are simply erased from existence by the fire of these terrifying weapons, while even the most resilient foes are left wounded and reeling, wide open for the Black Knights’ devastating charge.

Range S AP Type
18" 7 2 Rapid Fire, Gets Hot, Twin-linked

Ravenwing Grenade Launcher

Calibrated to maintain lethally accurate fire at extreme speeds, this weapon pummels the enemy with spreads of explosive munitions.

Range S AP Type
Frag shell 24" 3 6 Rapid Fire, Blast
Krak shell 24" 6 4 Rapid Fire
Rad shell 12" 3 - Assault 1, Blast, Rad Poisoning
Stasis shell 12" 3 - Assault 1, Blast, Stasis Anomaly

Rad Poisoning: When attacking with a weapon that has this special rule, a To Wound roll of 6 causes 2 Wounds on the target unit, regardless of the target’s Toughness. Each Wound is allocated and saved against separately.

Stasis Anomaly: All models in a unit hit by one or more weapons with this special rule suffer a -1 penalty to their Weapon Skill and Initiative (to a minimum of 1) until the end of the turn.

Rift Cannon

The scintillating beam of the rift cannon cracks a hole in reality itself, creating a deadly implosion. Those not dragged screaming into the breach are left temporarily blinded, their vision a surreal, static image of the moment before the rift howled into existence.

Range S AP Type
18" 10 2 Heavy 1, Blast, Blind, Rift Vortex

Rift Vortex: If any double is rolled when rolling for scatter for an attack made by this weapon, resolve the rest of the attack as if the weapon had the Vortex special rule.

Stasis Bomb

The stasis bomb combines explosives with ancient and little understood technology that causes any not slain by the blast to become frozen in time. At battle’s end, these unfortunate souls will be handed over to the Interrogator-Chaplains for judgement.

Range S AP Type
- 4 5 Bomb 1, Large Blast, One use only, Vast Stasis Anomaly

Vast Stasis Anomaly: Any unit hit by one or more weapons with this special rule reduces its Weapon Skill and Initiative by 3 (to a minimum of 1) until the end of the turn. Furthermore, if a model suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from this weapon, it must pass a separate Initiative test for each Wound suffered or be removed from play as a casualty.

Typhoon Missile Launcher

This versatile weapon is specially adapted for high-speed assaults.

Range S AP Type
Frag missile 48" 4 6 Heavy 2, Blast
Krak missile 48" 8 3 Heavy 2

Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher

Whirlwind multiple missile launchers suppress the foe with punishing salvoes of long range warheads.
Whirlwind multiple missile launchers have two different profiles. All Whirlwind multiple missile launchers in the squadron must use the same profile each time the squadron fires.

Range S AP Type
Vengeance 12"-48" 5 4 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Large Blast
Incendiary castellan 12"-48" 4 5 Ordnance 1, Barrage, Ignores Cover, Large Blast

Blacksword Missiles

Streaking through the air like blades of vengeance, blacksword missiles leave ominous dark contrails in their wake. Each missile impacts with a deafening crack, swatting enemy aircraft from the sky as spinning fireballs.

Range S AP Type
36" 7 3 Heavy 1, Dogfight Missile, One use only

Dogfight Missile: In a Dogfight, this missile has unlimited range and the Skyfire special rule (at any angle of attack).


Artificer Armour

Embellished by the finest artificers in the Dark Angels Armoury, these lavish suits afford the wearer protection to rival even Terminator armour.
Artificer armour confers a 2+ Armour Save.

Terminator Armour

Terminator armour is the best protection a Space Marine can be equipped with. It is even said that Terminator armour can withstand the titanic energies at a plasma generator’s core, and that this was, in fact, the armour’s original purpose.
Terminator armour confers a 2+ Armour Save and a 5+ invulnerable save. Furthermore, models in Terminator armour have the Bulky, Deep Strike and Relentless special rules, and may not make Sweeping Advances.

Vengeful Strike: A model with the Deathwing special rule that arrives by Deep Strike treats all of its ranged weapons as having the Twin-linked special rule until the end of the turn.

Special Issue Wargear

Profiles for the following special issue wargear can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Armorium Cherub

Cherubim are cyborg constructs created to assist the Emperor’s servants. Among the Adeptus Astartes they are rarely seen outside of the Librarius, save for those few that relay targeting data and carry spare ammunition for Devastator Squads.
One use only. One model in a unit equipped with an armorium cherub can re-roll all failed To Hit rolls in one Shooting phase. An armorium cherub is represented by a separate miniature that will always remain as close as possible to the unit that selected it. The model itself is purely decorative and is always ignored for game purposes – just move it to one side if it gets in the way. Remove the armorium cherub once it has been used or once the unit that selected it has been completely destroyed.


A short-ranged scanning device, the auspex detects hidden heretics no matter where they hide.
A model with an auspex can use it in place of making a shooting attack. If he does so, target an enemy unit within 12" (this does not count as choosing a target for his unit to shoot at). A unit that is targeted by one or more auspexes has its cover save reduced by 1 until the end of the phase.

Camo Cloak

Dark Angels Scouts clad in camo cloaks slip unseen across the battlefield. The material of these garments absorbs light and shifts its hue and texture to match its surroundings, allowing the novitiate warriors to remain unseen until the moment they strike.
A model wearing a camo cloak has +1 cover save. If it does not already have a cover save, it gains a 6+ cover save.

Chapter Banner

The Dark Angels’ Chapter Banner is a relic that dates back to the days of the Great Crusade – they will fight like heroes to defend it, determined not to dishonour themselves in its presence.
Friendly units with the Dark Angels Faction within 12" of a model equipped with the Chapter banner re-roll failed Morale checks, Pinning tests and Fear tests. In addition, all friendly models with the Dark Angels Faction in the same unit as this banner have +1 Attack whilst the bearer is alive.

Combat Shield

Often styled after those carried by the Knights of the Order, these lightweight shields are wreathed in potent force fields capable of turning aside even the most devastating blow.
A combat shield confers a 6+ invulnerable save.

Company Standard

The company standards of the Dark Angels are precious heirlooms, hand-crafted over the millennia by skilled artisans and heavy with the honour of the Chapter.
Friendly units with the Dark Angels Faction within 12" of a model equipped with the company standard re-roll failed Morale checks, Pinning tests and Fear tests.

Conversion Field

Crackling and sparking like a miniature version of the force field around the Rock itself, this strange shield enfolds its wearer in its protective energies. Shots and blows that strike the field are converted instantly into a flash of energy that leaves assailants blinded and reeling.
A conversion field confers a 4+ invulnerable save. At the end of a phase in which the bearer passes one or more invulnerable saves granted by the conversion field, all units within D6" of the bearer must test as if they had been hit by a weapon with the Blind special rule. Friendly units can re-roll this test.

Deathwing Company Banner

Depicting a shattered tower and a fallen angel, the Deathwing Company Banner is redolent with veiled meanings. It is one of the most precious relics of the Dark Angels 1st Company, whose battle-brothers will protect it with their lives.
Friendly units with the Dark Angels Faction within 12" of a model equipped with the Deathwing Company Banner re-roll failed Morale checks, Pinning tests and Fear tests. In addition, all friendly models with the Deathwing special rule in the same unit as this banner have +1 Attack whilst the bearer is alive.

Digital Weapons

Stabbing light and sudden agony are the enemy’s only warning as these miniature weapons trigger. Fitted into gauntlets, rings and the like, digital weapons are extremely short-ranged lasers that give their wielder a lethal edge in close combat.
A model armed with digital weapons can re-roll a single failed roll To Wound in each Assault phase.


The grav-amp is a wonder of archeotech that focusses and strengthens the field of the bearer’s grav-weapons.
When rolling to Wound with a grav-weapon, or to determine its effects on a vehicle, the bearer can re-roll the result.

Hellfire Shells

Each hellfire shell contains a reservoir of concentrated bio-acid. Upon detonation, this incredibly caustic substance sprays across its targets, burning away flesh and sinew with hideous speed.
Each time a weapon equipped with hellfire shells fires, the controlling player can choose whether to fire a hellfire shell or to use the ordinary profile for that weapon.

Range S AP Type
24" 1 - Heavy 1, Blast, Poisoned (2+)

Iron Halo

The iron halo is a symbol of exceptional bravery and wisdom. It contains a powerful energy field that acts as a ward against the weapons of the enemy. An iron halo is capable of rendering useless even the most potent of attacks.
An iron halo confers a 4+ invulnerable save.

Jump Pack

A jump pack enables the wearer to take great bounding leaps across the battlefield and make a boosted flight over short distances. Space Marines often enter battle via airdrop deployment, wearing jump packs and leaping from low-flying Thunderhawk Gunships, issuing controlled bursts to slow their descent to the ground.
Models equipped with jump packs gain the Jump unit type.


This device, along with the reductor, is employed to heal wounded Dark Angels or, if this is impossible, to remove the progenoid gland containing the battle-brother’s precious gene-seed.
As long as the bearer of the narthecium is alive, all models in his unit have the Feel No Pain special rule.

Perfidious Relic of the Unforgiven

Ancient relics from the old Legion that have been recaptured by the Deathwing are sometimes carried into battle by the wraith-like figures known as Watchers in the Dark. The exact nature or function of most of these revered relics is unknown – they are as mysterious as the cowled figures that bear them. What is known is their effect on the battlefield – their presence alone dampens the power of enemy psykers and fills the Dark Angels’ opponents with feelings of dread.
A perfidious relic of the Unforgiven is borne to battle by a Relic Bearer. A Relic Bearer is represented by a separate miniature that will always remain as close as possible to the unit that selected it. The model itself is purely decorative and is always ignored for game purposes – just move it to one side if it gets in the way. Remove the Relic Bearer once the unit that selected it has been completely destroyed.

Models in a unit that includes a Relic Bearer carrying a perfidious relic of the Unforgiven have the Adamantium Will and Fear special rules.


A rosarius is a gorget or amulet worn by Dark Angels Chaplains, both for protection and as a symbol of office. A rosarius emits a protective energy field around the wearer, and is capable of deflecting blows and shots that would smash a ferrocrete bunker. It is believed that the stronger its bearer’s belief in the might of the Emperor, the stronger a rosarius’ force field will be.
A rosarius confers a 4+ invulnerable save.

Sacred Standard

Hanging in the Great Hall of the Rock, there are those standards of the Dark Angels that are precious works of art. Since before the Horus Heresy the Dark Angels have guarded icons such as the Standard of Fortitude, the Standard of Devastation and the Standard of Retribution, all of which command fanatical levels of devotion from the warriors of the Chapter. These relics are borne into only the most desperate of battles, for though their effect upon the Dark Angels is truly inspiring, each one is irreplaceable. More than once, whole strike forces of Unforgiven have been deployed simply to recover such a banner lost upon the field of battle.
Friendly units with the Dark Angels Faction within 12" of a model equipped with a sacred standard re-roll failed Morale checks, Pinning tests and Fear tests. In addition, all friendly models with the Dark Angels Faction in the same unit as this banner have the Counter-attack and Relentless special rules whilst the bearer is alive.


Pistons hissing and actuators whining, the servo-harness enfolds its wearer in the manifest blessings of the Omnissiah. Bearing a multitude of crushing claws and hissing plasma torches, this multi-limbed harness aides its wearer by repairing Dark Angels vehicles, not to mention tearing apart the foe.
A servo-harness gives the bearer two servo-arms, a plasma cutter and a flamer. In the Shooting phase, the bearer can fire both harness-mounted weapons, or one harness-mounted weapon and another weapon.

Range S AP Type
Plasma cutter 12" 7 2 Assault 1, Gets Hot, Twin-linked


A targeting auto-cogitator of prodigious power, the signum swiftly calculates optimal trajectories and imparts the data directly to the machine spirits of weapons within its bearer’s squad.
At the start of the Shooting phase, a model with a signum can choose to use it instead of shooting. If he does so, one model in his unit is Ballistic Skill 5 for the remainder of the Shooting phase. Declare that the signum is being used before any rolls To Hit are made.

Space Marine Bike

Engines snarling like the beasts of old Caliban, the bikes of the Ravenwing bear their riders into battle with speed and surety. Well armoured and able to traverse even the densest terrain, the Space Marine bike is a versatile, durable and faithful steed.
Models equipped with Space Marine bikes change their unit type to Bike. Space Marine bikes are fitted with a twin-linked boltgun.

Storm Shield

A storm shield is a solid shield that has an energy field generator built into it. Though the bulk of the shield offers some physical protection, much more impressive is the energy field. It is capable of deflecting almost any attack – blows that would normally cut through even Terminator armour fail to make a scratch.
A storm shield confers a 3+ invulnerable save. In addition, a model equipped with a storm shield can never claim the +1 Attack for being armed with two Melee weapons in an assault.

Teleport Homer

Teleport homers emit a powerful signal enabling orbiting Strike Cruisers to lock on to them with their teleportation equipment.
Friendly units composed entirely of models in Terminator armour do not scatter when they Deep Strike, so long as the first model is placed within 6" of the teleport homer’s bearer. For this to work, the bearer of the teleport homer must have been on the battlefield at the start of the turn.

Ravenwing Company Banner

Flying proud from its adamantine banner-pole, the standard of the Ravenwing shows a cowled figure slaying a horned, skull-headed serpent that, unbeknownst to most, represents the Fallen.
Friendly units with the Dark Angels Faction within 12" of a model equipped with the Ravenwing Company Banner re-roll failed Morale checks, Pinning tests and Fear tests. In addition, all friendly models with the Ravenwing special rule in the same unit as this banner automatically pass Initiative tests when attempting to Hit & Run and roll one additional dice when determining the distance of a Hit & Run move whilst the bearer is alive.

Relics of Caliban

These artefacts are ancient heirlooms that are maintained in places of honour on the Rock. Only the mightiest of Dark Angels are worthy of using such storied items, and having their heroics and deeds added to the continuing legends of the items themselves. Only one of each of the following relics may be chosen per army.

Only one of each relic may be taken per army. A model may replace one weapon with one of the following:

Shroud of Heroes1 10 pts
Foe-smiter 15 pts
Lion’s Roar 20 pts
Mace of Redemption 30 pts
Monster Slayer of Caliban 40 pts
The Eye of the Unseen1 40 pts
1 Does not replace one of the character’s weapons.

Blades of Reason

This is an ancient and horrific device, saturated with arcane cruelty and the sorrow of Mankind. Its many sharply honed and well-polished blades are etched with scriptures of repentance, and crisscrossing the weapon’s head are cables and fine neural-wires powered by a mystic science that amplifies pain to agonies beyond endurance.

Range S AP Type
- User - Melee, Instant Death, Specialist Weapon

Book of Salvation

This renowned tome lists the names of all the Fallen who have been captured by the Dark Angels. Only the Inner Circle knows the contents of this book, but the whole Chapter understands that its protection is paramount.
All friendly models with the Dark Angels Faction within 6" of Ezekiel at the start of the Fight sub-phase have +1 Attack until the end of the phase.


This ornate storm bolter was wrought by Fedorovich the Great, one of the greatest Martian weaponsmiths of the era of the Great Crusade. Fedorovich forged many of the mastercrafted weapons still prized by the Imperium today. Even by comparison to these, Foe-smiter has always been considered special. It was presented with honour to the first Grand Master of the Deathwing, and continues to lay low the enemies of the Chapter to this day.

Range S AP Type
24" 4 4 Assault 4, Master-crafted, Shred

Lion Helm

An ancient artefact said to have been worn by El’Jonson himself, this helm generates a powerful force field.
The Lion Helm is carried by a Relic Bearer (see perfidious relic of the Unforgiven). The Lion Helm confers a 4+ invulnerable save to Azrael, all models in his unit, and any vehicle he is embarked in.

Lion’s Roar

One of the most unusual pieces in the arsenal of the Rock is the combi-weapon known as the Lion’s Roar. The single-shot plasma blast it fires is accompanied by a devastating roar, from whence the weapon gets its name. The Lion’s Roar is issued to heroes of the Chapter and over the years it has proven to be an ideal weapon for those leading boarding missions, bunker assaults or a forlorn hope. Whether its heroic bearer survives the battle or not, the Lion’s Roar has always been recovered and returned to its place of honour in the Rock’s armouries.
The Lion’s Roar is a Master-crafted combi-weapon. The secondary weapon has the following profile:

Range S AP Type
24" 7 2 Assault 1, Blast, Gets Hot, Master-crafted, One use only

Mace of Redemption

The Mace of Redemption is perhaps the greatest of the weapons forged by the Dark Angels to hunt their traitorous comrades. Blessed with incantations of vengeance, the hollow centre of this sacred power maul flares white-hot when it smites a foe. It is said that, with the mace in hand, Supreme Grand Master Raphael struck down the Daemon Prince ruler of the blasphemous world of New Caliban, allowing the arch-heretic to be captured. Of all the Dark Angels who have ever hunted the Fallen, none has bested this heroic deed.

Range S AP Type
- +3 3 Melee, Bane of the Traitor, Blind, Concussive

Bane of the Traitor: When the Mace of Redemption is used to attack a unit with the Chaos Space Marines Faction, its AP is increased to 1.

Monster Slayer of Caliban

This ancient weapon was traditionally bestowed upon the most honourable Knight of the Order before the onset of a long quest into the wilds of Caliban. Its well-honed blade is empowered by a force generator of magnificent strength; however, over the ages, it has grown somewhat temperamental, and the know-how to fix such ancient technology is now beyond the Techmarines of the Dark Angels. It is believed that as long as its owner stays pure of mind, the Monster Slayer of Caliban will strike down even the greatest of foes.
At the start of each Fight sub-phase in which the wielder is locked in combat, roll a D6 to determine which profile the Monster Slayer of Caliban uses that turn.

D6 Range S AP Type
1 - User 3 Melee
2-4 - +1 3 Melee
5-6 - +2 3 Melee, Instant Death

Raven Sword (Sableclaw)

The keening of the Raven Sword rises to a shriek as Sammael swings it from his seat aboard Sableclaw.
At the end of the Movement phase, nominate one enemy unit not locked in combat that this model has moved over that turn. That unit takes D3+1 hits resolved at Strength 4 AP2, using Random Allocation. These hits have the Ignores Cover special rule, but do not benefit from any of the model’s other special rules. Against vehicles, these hits are resolved against the target’s rear armour.

Raven Sword (Sammael)

This sword is one of a number of blades fabricated out of a meteorite that struck the Rock at Al Baradad, shortly after the fall of Caliban. It was named the Raven Sword, for it is traditionally the weapon of the Grand Master of the Ravenwing. Like the other relics whose origin it shares, the Raven Sword has a razor-sharp edge that has never dulled. Alone amongst its brothers, however, it makes a low keening sound when swung that few foes have heard and lived to speak of.

Range S AP Type
- User 2 Melee, Master-crafted

Shroud of Heroes

The rites of the Dark Angels dictate that when one of their mightiest is slain in glorious battle, his recovered remains are wrapped in a death shroud until he can be interred within the crypts of the Lion’s Sanctum deep within the Rock. Pieces of this fabric, stained in the blood of heroes, are then continually stitched into a single set of robes known as the Shroud of Heroes. It is customary for the Shroud of Heroes to be presented to a noble warrior of the Chapter, who will wear it for the duration of a battle or ongoing campaign before passing the revered robes on to another worthy aspirant of the Chapter. Those who wear the Shroud of Heroes claim they can feel the protective powers of their predecessors swirling around them, still eager to aid the Chapter.
The bearer of the Shroud of Heroes has the Feel No Pain special rule. In addition, while he is not in a unit, the bearer has the Shrouded special rule.

Sword of Secrets

First of the mighty Heavenfall blades, the Sword of Secrets is an incredibly powerful weapon.

Range S AP Type
- +2 3 Melee, Master-crafted

Sword of Silence

A power weapon crafted from the same meteorite as the Sword of Secrets, the Sword of Silence has traditionally been gifted to the most lethal close-quarters combatant in the Dark Angels. The Sword of Silence seems to swallow nearby light and sound, absorbing them into its glowing obsidian blade.

Range S AP Type
- User 3 Melee, Fleshbane, Master-crafted

The Eye of the Unseen

This ancient augmetic was first bequeathed to Interrogator-Chaplain Enoch by the Watchers in the Dark, and has since been extracted and re-implanted in a string of Dark Angels heroes. It is said that no secret can escape the gaze of the Eye, nor guilt, lies or any obfuscation. Those fixed by the glowing lens of the Eye of the Unseen have their deepest wants and fears laid bare, and their every weakness exposed. The sensation is said to be akin to Catachan harpoon-bugs crawling across the inside of the skull, and it is all the victim can do not to drop to their knees and confess all.
The bearer of the Eye of the Unseen has the Fear and Preferred Enemy special rules.

Dark Angels Vehicle Equipment

Profiles for the following dark angels vehicle equipment can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Frag Assault Launchers

The hulls of Land Raider Crusaders and Land Raider Redeemers are studded with explosive charges designed to hurl shrapnel at the enemy as the troops inside charge out.
Any unit charging into close combat on the same turn as it disembarks from a transport vehicle equipped with frag assault launchers counts as having frag grenades.

Locator Beacon

The locator beacon is a signalling package that contains a teleport homing device, broadspectrum communicators and geo-positional tracking. When activated, the locator beacon streams detailed positional uploads in Adeptus Astartes coded signals, allowing for precision reinforcement by reserve forces.
Friendly units do not scatter when they Deep Strike, so long as the first model is placed with 6" of a model equipped with a locator beacon. The locator beacon must have been on the battlefield at the start of the turn in order for it to be used.

Siege Shield

Due to their effectiveness in rubble-strewn city fights and urban assaults, Vindicators are often fitted with enormous siege shields which enable them to bulldoze through obstacles with impunity.
A vehicle with a siege shield automatically passes Dangerous Terrain tests.

Dark Angels Psychic Powers

Interromancy Discipline

In order to aid the Interrogator-Chaplains in their cruel labours, the Librarians of the Dark Angels have mastered a sinister and invasive form of telepathy. Few sensations are more horrific for a victim than the insidious slither of the Librarian’s thoughts as they writhe through the gaps in his mental defences, flaying and twisting his psyche at will.

Mind Worm

(Primaris Power)
The Librarian burrows his consciousness into the screaming victim’s brain, ripping free their secrets in a spray of gore.
Warp Сharge: 1
Mind Worm is a focussed witchfire power with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
12" 6 2 Assault 1, Ignores Cover, Sap Will

Sap Will: If a model suffers any unsaved Wounds from Mind Worm, its Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative and Leadership characteristics are reduced by 3 (to a minimum of 1) for the rest of the battle.

Seed of Fear

The Librarian inveigles his way into the minds of his foes. Subtly, he twists and heightens their fears, inciting first unease, then paranoia, then outright, overwhelming terror.
Warp Сharge: 1
Seed of Fear is a malediction that targets all enemy units within 9". Whilst the power is in effect, all target units must take Morale checks as well as Pinning and Fear tests on 3D6.

Righteous Repugnance

Reaching into the minds of his brothers, the Librarian stokes the fires of their hate. Conditioned and receptive to such manipulation by their leaders, the Dark Angels respond with a surge of cold, furious violence.
Warp Сharge: 1
Righteous Repugnance is a blessing that targets a single friendly unit within 24". Whilst the power is in effect, the target unit has the Rage special rule.


The Librarian sends waves of cold fear washing outwards. The foe find themselves unable to focus upon the psyker, their subconscious screaming at them to look away for fear of what they will see.
Warp Сharge: 1
Aversion is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24". Whilst the power is in effect, the target unit can only fire Snap Shots.

Maelstrom of Misery

The Librarian focusses his disgust for the foe into a potent assault. All enemies in the vicinity experience agonising pain as their brains implode, then fall to the ground without a mark on them.
Warp Сharge: 2
Maelstrom of Misery is a witchfire power with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
24" 1 2 Assault 1, Blast, Neural Shock

Neural Shock: Hits caused by this psychic power always wound on a 4+. This special rule has no effects on vehicles or buildings.


The Librarian gathers his thoughts into a white hot spike to plunge straight into his victim’s mind. There is no subtlety here, just a vicious psychic thrust that leaves the foe’s sanity in tatters and their brain matter dribbling from ears, nose and eyes.
Warp Сharge: 2
Trephination is a focussed witchfire power with a range of 18". The affected model must roll 2D6+2 and subtract their Leadership. That model suffers a number of Wounds equal to the result. Armour and cover saves cannot be taken against Wounds caused by Trephination.

Mind Wipe

Like a barbed lash, the Librarian’s mind scourges that of his foe, dragging out every memory, secret and thought that makes them who they are. For some foes, this theft of identity is momentary, a fearful but temporary blank. Others are permanently reduced to glassy-eyed walking corpses – hollow shells of what they once were.
Warp Сharge: 3
Mind Wipe is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24". All models in the target unit have their Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill reduced to 1 until the end of their next turn, at which point the unit must take a Leadership test. If the Leadership test is failed, the effects of Mind Wipe last for the rest of the game.