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The following missions illustrate the different sorts of strategies used by Imperial Knights, and they will provide new tests of your tactical ability as a commander.

Altar of War: Imperial Knights Missions

There’s nothing quite like unleashing the biggest, most dangerous models in your collection on the battlefield, and with the new Imperial Knight Warden kit released this week, massive clashes between super-heavy war machines have definitely been on our mind.
Gods of War is a new Altar of War mission for Warhammer 40,000 that more than scratches our proverbial itch to see the mightiest behemoths of the 41st Millennium battling for survival in a duel to the death; it’s all about mighty engines of destruction fighting each other.

To play Gods of War all you need is an opponent and two forces of massive war machines (or monsters) of roughly even size. Don’t worry if the two forces at your disposal aren’t the same in terms of points values - that really doesn’t matter. As long as you have an even number of models on each side you’ll have a cracking game.

One of the great things about Gods of War is that it’s quick to play; households of Imperial Knights are horrifically brutal when they fight each other, and our experience is that it’s quick to reset your battlefield and have a rematch.


Gods of War

With a history dating back more than fifteen millennia, there have been many occasions where the knightly houses have engaged in open war against others of their kind. The reasons for these conflicts range from duels of honour that escalate into outright violence to vengeful purges of rival houses that sided with or against the Warmaster Horus during his terrible war of rebellion. Regardless of the cause, each time that the Imperial Knights stride forth to do battle against one another, the ground shakes beneath their mighty tread and the fate of worlds hangs in the balance.
Choose armies.

Designer’s Note: This mission is designed to be fought between two opposing armies comprising an even number Imperial Knights; the total points values of each side are less important than having an even number of Imperial Knights (of any type) on each side. However, this mission can easily be played using Super-heavy vehicles, Gargantuan Creatures, even Walkers or Monstrous Creatures.

Set up terrain. Use the deployment map included with this mission or, if both players agree, use Random Deployment Zones to determine which Deployment Map will be used for this mission. Each player rolls a D6, re-rolling ties. Whoever scores higher can decide which half of the table they wish to deploy in. The opposing player will deploy in the opposite half.

Players must deploy using the Standard Deployment Method.

The player that set up first can choose to take the first or second turn. If they decide to take the first turn, their opponent can attempt to Seize the Initiative.

The mission uses Variable Game Length.

At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most Victory Points wins the game. If players have the same number of Victory Points, the game is a draw.

Primary Objective
At the end of the game, the players earn D3 Victory Points for each Super-heavy or Gargantuan Creature unit in the enemy army that has been completely destroyed, or 1 Victory Point for each Super-heavy or Gargantuan Creature unit in the enemy army that has been reduced to half (or less) of its starting number of Hull Points or Wounds. Units that are not on the board at the end of the game count as destroyed for the purposes of this mission.

Designer’s Note: If you are playing with alternative armies then, at the end of the game, the players earn 1 Victory Point for each enemy unit that has been completely destroyed, but earn D3 Victory Points instead for each enemy Super-heavy vehicle or Gargantuan Creature that has been completely destroyed.

Secondary Objective
First Blood, Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord.

Night Fighting, Reserves.

Battle Honours: Each time one of your Super-heavy or Gargantuan Creature units destroys an enemy Super-heavy vehicle or Gargantuan Creature, you can pick an upgrade from the list below to apply to that model. You can choose each upgrade any number of times; if a characteristic upgrade is chosen more than once for the same unit, the effects are cumulative.

Legacy of MarsAdd 1 to the unit’s Weapon Skill characteristic for the duration of the battle. 
Augmented Targeting OpticsAdd 1 to the unit’s Ballistic Skill characteristic for the duration of the battle. 
Neuro-link Hyper-calibrationAdd 1 to the unit’s Initiative characteristic for the duration of the battle. 
Auto-strike ProtocolsAdd 1 to the unit’s Attacks characteristic for the duration of the battle. 
Enhanced Targeting DataThe unit gains the Tank Hunters and Monster Hunters special rule for the duration of the battle. 
Divine RestorationThe unit immediately repairs D3 Hull Points or Wounds lost earlier in the battle.