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Special Rules

This section details army special rules including Tactical Objectives and Warlord Traits.

Special Rules


A model fighting with this weapon Piles In and fights at Initiative step 1.

Honour the Fallen

The bearer of Ravager re-rolls failed To Hit rolls of a 1 in close combat.


If an Imperial Knight fighting with a Thunderstrike Gauntlet or Paragon Gauntlet destroys an enemy Monstrous Creature or vehicle in the Fight sub-phase, it can choose to hurl it (Gargantuan Creatures, Super-heavy vehicles and buildings cannot be hurled). If a vehicle was destroyed as a result of suffering an Explodes! result on the Vehicle Damage table, resolve any damage before hurling it. Any passengers must make an emergency disembarkation before their transport vehicle is hurled. To hurl an enemy model, immediately resolve a shooting attack against an enemy unit within 12" that is not locked in combat using the profile below. A hurled model is removed from the battlefield after the attack has been resolved.

Range S AP Type
12" * - Heavy 1, Large Blast, The Bigger They Are...

The Bigger They Are...

The Strength of this attack is always equal to the Toughness value of the Monstrous Creature, or half the front Armour Value of the vehicle, being hurled (rounding fractions up).

Catastrophic Destruction

When destroyed, the Cerastus Knight-Atrapos adds +2 to the result rolled on the Catastrophic Damage table.

Collapsing Singularity

Before firing the weapon, roll a D6. On a result of a 1, the firing Knight-Atrapos suffers a single Hull Point of damage with no saves of any kind before the attack is carried out. On a result of a 6, the attack is carried out with the Vortex special rule.


After normal attacks by this weapon have been resolved, count the number of unsaved wounds caused on the target unit. Immediately resolve a number of additional automatic hits on the same unit using the weapon’s profile equal to the number of unsaved wounds – these can then be saved normally. Models in the targeted unit must still be in range in order for these additional hits to take effect. These additional hits do not themselves inflict more hits!

Flank Speed

If the this Knight opts to make a Run move rather than firing a weapon in the Shooting phase, it may move 3D6".

Machine Destroyer

When attacking any target with an Armour value, rolls of 1 on the Destroyer Damage table may be re-rolled.

Macro-extinction Targeting Protocols

When making shooting attacks against targets of the Super-heavy or Gargantuan Creature type, the Cerastus Knight-Atrapos counts its weapons as Twin-linked.

Overtaxed Reactor

When destroyed, the Knight adds +1 to the result rolled on the Catastrophic Damage table.


A model which loses one or more wounds to an attack with this special rule and survives has its Toughness value reduced by -1 for the rest of the battle.


Attacks with this special rule may re-roll failed Armour Penetration rolls.

Swift Strike

The weapon gains a +1 bonus to Initiative on any turn it charges into close combat.

Tempest Attack

Rather than attacking normally, the Knight may make a special attack at Initiative Step 2. This automatically inflicts a single hit against each model in base contact with it using the weapon’s listed profile.


Weapons and attacks with this special rule may re-roll failed Armour Penetration rolls against fortifications and immobile structures (such as bunkers and barricades), and add +1 to any result rolled on the Building Damage chart. If this attack damages a bulkhead or wall section of terrain and destroys it, remove that section of terrain from play if possible.


Gerantius can shoot in the same turn that he runs (he cannot run and charge). In addition he must re-roll results of ‘1’ on the Stomp table.

The Forgotten Knight

Gerantius’s ion shield confers a 3+ invulnerable save instead of the normal 4+. He cannot have a Warlord trait, and does not use the rules for Knightly Ranks.

Tactical Objectives

11Yield No Ground 
12Duel of Honour 
13Assail the Foe 
14Titan Killer 
15Honour of the House 
16A Grudge to Settle 

Codex: Imperial Knights describes six Tactical Objectives to use in your games that are exclusive to Imperial Knight players and demonstrate how the knightly houses engage and destroy their foes on the battlefield.

If your Warlord has the Imperial Knights Faction, these Tactical Objectives replace the Capture & Control Tactical Objectives (numbers 11-16).

If a Warhammer 40,000 mission has the Tactical Objectives special rule, players use the normal rules for using Tactical Objectives with the following exception: when a Imperial Knights player generates a Capture & Control objective (numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16), he instead generates the corresponding Imperial Knights Tactical Objective instead, as shown in the table below. Other Tactical Objectives (numbers 21-66) are generated normally.

Stubborn and indomitable, the time has come to plant your feet and make a stand. Take not one step back!
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if there are no enemy units within 12" of your own table edge at the end of your turn.
The foe is a dastardly coward; a cur such as that shall not be allowed to besmirch your honour much longer. Slay them with impunity.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least one of your Imperial Knights characters issued or fought in a challenge during your turn.
The savage joys of battle are upon you, surging through your systems,firing your blood. Attack! Attack!
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if you made at least one successful charge during your turn. If you made 3 or 4 successful charges during your turn, score D3 Victory Points instead. If you made 5 or more successful charges during your turn, score D3+3 Victory Points instead.
The worthiest of foes is the mightiest! Only against such can you test your true mettle. Only the enemy’s most fearsome weapons are worth your blade.
Score D3 Victory Points at the end of your turn if at least one enemy Super-heavy vehicle or Gargantuan Creature was completely destroyed during your turn.
Duty. Honour. Fealty. The bond of a lance-brother is stronger than adamantium.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if at least one friendly Imperial Knight is controlling an objective marker. If friendly Imperial Knights are controlling two or more different objective markers at the end of your turn, score D3 Victory Points instead.
Your vengeance can only be tempered in the blood of your hated foes.
When this Tactical Objective is generated, your opponent must nominate one of his units. Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if the chosen unit has been completely destroyed during any turn.

Designer’s Note
If you own a deck of Imperial Knights Tactical Objective Cards, you can generate your Tactical Objectives by shuffling the deck and drawing the top card instead of rolling a D66. These should be kept face up, so your opponent can see which Tactical Objectives you have generated, unless the mission you are playing instructs you otherwise.

Warlord Traits

When generating his Warlord Trait, an Imperial Knights Warlord can only roll on the table below.

D6Warlord Traits
This Warlord has fought across hundreds of battlefields, and always ensures that the Knights of his house are the first into the fray.
Your Warlord, and all friendly Imperial Knights within 12" of your Warlord, add 1 to the result when rolling the distance they Run or their charge distances
2Favoured of the Omnissiah
This Warlord bears a token of the favour of the Adeptus Mechanicus in the form of an artificer weapon of unrivalled quality.
Nominate one weapon carried by your Warlord. That weapon has the Master-crafted special rule. Note, however, that this cannot be applied to an Heirloom of the Knightly Houses
3Exemplar of the Joust
This Warlord can land a precise blow against his target even when charging at full tilt.
Your Warlord re-rolls failed To Hit rolls in any Assault phase in which he successfully charges into close combat. 
4Cunning Commander
This Warlord is a master tactician, and instinctively knows how best to use the landscape to shield his advance and attack the enemy’s forces where they are weakest.
Your Warlord and up to D3 other friendly Imperial Knights have the Outflank special rule. 
5Ion Bulwark
A survivor of countless battles, this Warlord has learnt to use his Knight suit’s ion shield with exceptional deftness.
Your Warlord can re-roll any failed invulnerable saving throws of a 1. 
6Knight Seneschal
Veteran warriors who have proved themselves worthy time and again in the fires of battle are awarded the rank of Knight Seneschal. To be named so is an honour beyond measure. Either through countless martial triumphs or by one truly heroic act, this Warlord has, distinguished himself above and beyond his peers and is a true paragon of his house.
Add 1 to your Warlord’s Attacks characteristic.