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★ Salamanders

The Salamanders are one of the most respected Chapters of the Imperium, their strength and honour unwavering over countless centuries of war and carnage. In battle they embody the resolute ideals of their Primarch Vulkan, forging their battle-brothers in the flames of combat and growing stronger with each furious engagement.

How This Supplement Works

This page details additional special rules, Warlord Traits, relics and Tactical Objectives that reflect the fighting style of a Salamanders force. You can use this to field a Detachment or even a whole army of Salamanders, or one of the other Space Marine Chapters that employ a similar method of warfare, in games of Warhammer 40,000.


BookKindEditionVersionLast update
► Angels of DeathCodex Supplement71.0April 2016

Salamanders Detachments

Any Detachment with the Space Marines Faction can be a Salamanders Detachment if all units in the Detachment with the Chapter Tactics special rule are drawn from the Salamanders. A Salamanders Detachment retains the Space Marines Faction and is treated in all ways as a Space Marines Detachment. Salamanders Detachments may also use the following rules:

Flamecraft: Salamanders models have the Feel No Pain (4+) special rule against Wounds caused by flamer weapons. Furthermore, when using flamer weapons, Salamanders models can re-roll failed To Wound rolls and armour penetration rolls that do not result in glancing or penetrating hits.

Master Artisans: During army selection, each Salamanders character may upgrade one of his weapons (even one purchased as an upgrade, but not a Chapter Relic) to have the Master-crafted special rule.

Special Rules

Mighty Strike

Instead of Attacking normally, the wielder of Drake-smiter can instead make a single mighty strike with it; this attack has all of Drake-smiter’s normal rules, but is resolved at Strength D.

Tactical Objectives

11Vulkan’s Gaze 
12Weather the Storm 
13Legacy of Isstvan 
14Vulkan’s Task 
15Look Them in the Eyes 
16Fires of Nocturne 

Presented below are six Tactical Objectives to use in your games of Warhammer 40,000, which are exclusive to Salamanders players and reflect their stoic and relentless style of warfare.

If your Warlord is drawn from the Salamanders Chapter, you must replace the Capture & Control Tactical Objectives (numbers 11-16) described in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules either with the Tactical Objectives found in Codex: Space Marines, or with these Tactical Objectives. If a Warhammer 40,000 mission has the Tactical Objectives special rule, players use the normal rules for using Tactical Objectives with the following exception: when a Salamanders player using these Tactical Objectives generates a Capture & Control objective (numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16), the Salamanders player instead generates the corresponding Salamanders Tactical Objective, as shown in the table to the right. Other Tactical Objectives (numbers 21-66) are generated normally.

Honour the Primarch by laying low the armoured might of your foes with heat and fury.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if, during your turn, you completely destroyed an enemy vehicle with a weapon with the Melta special rule.
The Salamanders do not falter in the face of the storm, nor can any stay their wrath.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if, during your turn, one or more of your units made a successful charge and suffered no casualties from Overwatch.
Stand your ground and hold the line no matter the odds, just as your forebears did at Isstvan.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if you have at least three Salamanders units within 18" of your table edge and you destroyed at least one enemy unit that was in your table half during your turn.
Four of the Artefacts of Vulkan remain lost. Investigate every clue as to their whereabouts.
Score D3 Victory Points at the end of your turn if every Objective Marker on the battlefield has been identified and you control more Objective Markers than your opponent.
Prove the superiority of the Fireborn by cutting down your enemies when they can see the fury of your resolve writ clear on your face.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if, during your turn, you completely destroyed an enemy unit whilst it was within 6" of any friendly Salamanders units. If you completely destroyed three or more enemy units whilst they were within 6" of any friendly Salamanders units, score D3 Victory Points instead.
The Salamanders are renowned for their mastery offlamecraft. Burn the foes of the Imperium.
Score 1 Victory Point at the end of your turn if, during your turn, you completely destroyed an enemy unit with a flamer weapon. Score D3 Victory Points instead if you completely destroyed two enemy units with a flamer weapon, or D3+3 Victory Points if you completely destroyed three or more enemy units.

Warlord Traits

When generating his Warlord Traits, a Salamanders Warlord may choose to roll on the table below instead of those found in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules or Codex: Space Marines.

D6Warlord Traits
1Anvil of Strength
Even amongst the superhuman warriors of the Salamanders, your Warlord is renowned for his great strength.
Your Warlord adds 1 to his Strength. 
2Lord of Fire
Your Warlord can endure even the hottest flame, and can walk through a blazing firestorm without even flinching.
Your Warlord has the Feel No Pain (2+) special rule against wounds caused by flamer weapons
3Patient and Determined
Your Warlord places great value in patience, and his every action is measured and determined.
If the mission uses Variable Game Length, you can always choose to add 3 to any D6 roll that determines if the game ends or continues. 
4Miraculous Constitution
Your Warlord’s body seems able to recover from injuries that should prove fatal to even a Space Marine.
Your Warlord has the It Will Not Die special rule. 
5Forge Master
Your Warlord’s skill at the forge is celebrated throughout the Chapter, and the weapons he crafts are as fine as they are deadly. Not only can he create prized relics, he also knows how to wield them in battle to best effect.
Your Warlord can re-roll all failed To Hit rolls with any Master-crafted weapons he is equipped with, instead of only re-rolling one failed To Hit roll per turn. This includes any Chapter Relics and Relics of Nocturne that have the Master-crafted special rule. 
6Never Give Up
Your Warlord is dogged in the extreme, refusing to give up even in hopeless situations. Such stoicism in the face of adversity inspires fellow Salamanders to their duty.
Your Warlord and any Salamanders units within 12" of him have the Stubborn special rule and can re-roll failed Leadership tests


Flameblade Strike Force

The Flameblade Strike Force allows you to represent the resolute style of warfare preferred by the Salamanders. Whether you wish to assemble a full Battle Company with which to cleanse the battlefield with flame, or an elite band of warriors that will defend the Imperium no matter the odds, there are a multitude of choices available.

The Flameblade Strike Force is a special type of Detachment that can be included in any Battle-forged army. Unlike the Detachments shown in Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, it has a Force Organisation Chart whose slots are a combination of specific Formations and Army List Entries instead of Battlefield Roles. However, it still has compulsory and optional elements, as well as Restrictions and Command Benefits, just like any other Detachment.

Although units cannot normally belong to more than one Detachment, units from a Formation that is part of a Flameblade Strike Force are an exception. They count as part of both their Formation and the Detachment, and have all associated Command Benefits and special rules. If your Warlord is part of a Formation or an Army List Entry that makes up part of a Flameblade Strike Force, that entire Flameblade Strike Force is your Primary Detachment.


 • 1 of the following:
  - Vulkan He’stan
  - Terminator Captain
  - Captain
  - Chaplain
 • 0-1 Honour Guard
 • 0-1 Command Squad
 • 1 Chaplain
 • 1 Command Squad

 • 3-5 Librarians

 • 1 Captain or Chaplain
 • 0-1 Command Squad
 • 3 Tactical Squads
 • 1 Devastator Squad
 • 1 unit chosen from the following list: Assault Squad, Bike Squad, Attack Bike Squad, Land Speeders

 • 1 Techmarine
 • 0-3 units of Thunderfire Cannons
 • 3-5 units chosen in any combination from the following list:
  - Vindicators
  - Predators
  - Whirlwinds
 • 0-1 Sergeant Chronus

 • 1 unit of Hunters
 • 1 unit of Stalkers

 • 3-5 units chosen in any combination from the following list:
  - Terminator Squad
  - Terminator Assault Squad
  - Sternguard Veteran Squad
  - Vanguard Veteran Squad

 • 3-5 units chosen in any combination from the following list:
  - Scout Squad
  - Scout Bike Squad
 • 0-1 Sergeant Telion

 • 1 unit of Whirlwinds
 • 1 unit of Land Speeders

 • 3 units chosen in any combination from the following list:
  - Land Raider
  - Land Raider Crusader
  - Land Raider Redeemer

 • 1 unit of Land Speeders
 • 2 Stormtalon Gunships

 • 1-3 units of Land Speeders
 • 1-3 Scout Squads


This Detachment must include at least one Core choice and one Auxiliary choice. It may include up to one more Core choice, up to three Command choices and any number of additional Auxiliary choices, in any combination. Only the datasheets listed here can be included in this Detachment. All units in the Detachment must be drawn from the Salamanders Chapter.

Not One Step Back: If a unit from this Detachment remains stationary in its Movement phase, it has the Fearless special rule until the start of its next movement phase.

Scorched Earth: Add 1 to the Strength of all flamer weapons used by Salamanders models in this Detachment.

Vulkan’s Teachings: If this Detachment is your Primary Detachment, your Warlord has two Warlord Traits instead of one. This extra Warlord Trait must be generated from the Personal Traits table. If you roll twice on this table, re-roll duplicate results.

Relics of Nocturne

The Relics of Nocturne are ancient and revered artefacts, many of which are masterworks of the Salamanders’ renowned weaponsmithing and crafting abilities. Only one of each of the following relics can be chosen per army - there is only one of each of these items in the entire galaxy!

Units in a Salamanders Detachment that can normally take items from the Chapter Relics list in Codex: Space Marines can choose to take items from the Relics of Nocturne list at the points cost shown instead. You can take items from both lists in the Detachment. One model in your army that may take items from the Special Weapons list may instead take Nocturne’s Fury. Note that Vulkan’s Sigil, The Tome of Vel’cona and The Salamander’s Mantle do not replace one of the model’s weapons.

Wrath of Prometheus 10 pts
Nocturne’s Fury 20 pts
The Tome of Vel’cona1 25 pts
The Salamander’s Mantle1 30 pts
Vulkan’s Sigil1 30 pts
Drake-smiter 50 pts
1 Does not replace one of the model’s weapons.


Legend has it that the Drake-smiter can shatter the diamond skull of a void-dragon with a single blow. It was crafted centuries ago to rid the Moons of Orth of these fell beasts, but now it is given to heroes of the Chapter and used in battle to shatter battle tanks, bio-behemoths and even the armour of traitorous Titans.

Range S AP Type
- x2 2 Melee, Concussive, Master-crafted, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy, Mighty Strike

Mighty Strike: Instead of Attacking normally, the wielder of Drake-smiter can instead make a single mighty strike with it; this attack has all of Drake-smiter’s normal rules, but is resolved at Strength D.

Nocturne’s Fury

A work of master flame-wrights, Nocturne’s Fury belches long plumes of fire across the battlefield like the dragons of ancient Terran myth. Its promethium fuel burns like the molten heart of Nocturne, and rare is the armour proof against its flames.
May only be taken by a model that may take items from the Special Weapons list. Replaces that model’s boltgun. Note that Nocturne’s Fury is a flamer weapon for the purposes of any special rules that interact with flamer weapons. Each time the bearer fires Nocturne’s Fury they can choose to use either of the following profiles.

Range S AP Type
Earthfire Template 4 4 Assault 1
Drakefire Template 4 4 Heavy 1, Torrent

The Salamander’s Mantle

This heavy-scaled mantle is made from the hide of one of Nocturne’s massive salamander lizards, which live in the deepest lava flows of the planet’s volcanoes. In battle, this cloak can turn blades and bolts aside in a shower of flame, mimicking the fire-breathing beast it was made from.
The bearer of the Salamander’s Mantle has the Eternal Warrior special rule.

The Tome of Vel’cona

A seminal work of the Salamanders’ Chief Librarian Vel’cona, it contains many of the psychic secrets of pyromancy. A Librarian that studies from the book before battle will gain greater understanding of the nature of flame, and how best to turn it against the enemies of the Chapter.
Librarian only. A model equipped with the Tome of Vel’cona knows the Molten Beam power from the Pyromancy discipline in addition to any others he knows. This is not considered when determining if he has Psychic Focus. In addition, the bearer of the Tome of Vel’cona can add 1 to the Strength of all Pyromancy witchfire powers he uses.

Vulkan’s Sigil

Lord Vulkan, Primarch of the Salamanders, was given a personal sigil in the form of a blacksmith’s hammer engraved with the words: ‘For he smote the Emperor’s enemies as a hammer striking an anvil’. The sigil was carried by the Primarch through most of the Great Crusade as a badge of office. Now, it is a potent artefact for the Salamanders, and its safekeeping has always been entrusted to one of the Chapter’s most distinguished Chaplains since Vulkan’s disappearance.
Chaplain only. Once per game, at the start of any Fight sub-phase, the bearer of Vulkan’s Sigil can use its power. When he does so, he and all other Salamanders models in his unit make one extra Attack until the end of the current phase.

Wrath of Prometheus

The expertly crafted bolter Wrath of Prometheus has waged war for centuries, bringing death to the enemies of the Imperium from the time of the Heavenfall Massacres. Traitors and aliens alike have fallen to its fury, slain on every battlefield from the Ghoul Stars to Armageddon.

Range S AP Type
30" 5 4 Rapid Fire, Master-crafted, Rending