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Melee Weapons
• Equaliser
• Honour Blade
Ranged Weapons
• Airbursting Fragmentation Projector
• Burst Weapons
• Cluster Rocket System
• Destroyer Missile
• Fusion Weapons
• Ion Weapons
• Kroot Weapons
• Markerlight
• Missile Pod Weapons
• Neutron Blaster
• Plasma Weapons
• Pulse Blastcannon
• Pulse Blaster
• Pulse Weapons
• Rail Weapons
• Seeker Missile
• Smart Missile System
Battlesuits and Armour
• Battlesuits
• Recon Armour
XV107 R'varna Battlesuit
XV9 Close Support Battlesuit
Support Systems
• Advanced Targeting System
• Blacksun Filter
• Counterfire Defence System
• Drone Controller
• DS8 Tactical Support Turret
• Early Warning Override
• Field Amplifier Relay
• Ghostkeel Electrowarfare Suite
• Gravity Wave Projector
• Holophoton Countermeasures
• Homing Beacon
• Hover Drone
• Multi-tracker
• Networked Markerlight
• Nova Reactor
• Positional Relay
• Pulse Accelerator
• Pulse Bomb Generator
• Riptide Shield Generator
• Shield Generator
• Stimulant Injector
• Target Lock
• Vectored Retro-thrusters
• Velocity Tracker
Integrated Shield Generator
Upgraded Shield Generator
DS8 Tactical Support Turret
Signature Systems
• Command and Control Node
• Failsafe Detonator
• Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite
• MV52 Shield Generator
• Neuroweb System Jammer
• Onager Gauntlet
• Paradox of Duality
• Puretide Engram Neurochip
• Repulsor Impact Field
• Structural Analyser
• The Dawn Blade
• XV02 Pilot Battlesuit
• XV22 Stealth Battlesuit
• XV8-02 Crisis ‘Iridium’ Battlesuit
• XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit
Eclipse Shield Generator
Experimental Pulse Submunitions Rifle
XV81 Crisis Battlesuit
XV84 Crisis Battlesuit
XV89-02 Battlesuit
Vehicle Battle Systems
• Advanced Targeting System
• Automated Repair System
• Blacksun Filter
• Decoy Launchers
• Disruption Pod
• Flechette Discharger
• Point Defence Targeting Relay
• Sensor Spines
This section of Codex: Tau Empire lists wargear (including Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Battlesuits and Armour, Support Systems, Signature Systems and Vehicle Battle Systems) used by Tau Empire, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Melee Weapons

Profiles for the following melee weapons can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:


Equalisers are typically carried in pairs by some members of the Ethereal caste. They are not only badges of office, but also potent weapons containing a powerful disruption field that can shatter armour and bone on impact.

Range S AP Type
- User 4 Melee

Honour Blade

An honour blade is a long, broad-bladed spear that is used to settle, disputes between Ethereal caste members in stylised bloodless duels. Against the unenlightened races of the galaxy, it is a deadly weapon used in elegant sweeping movements where the blade becomes virtually invisible.

Range S AP Type
- +2 - Melee, Two-handed

Ranged Weapons

Profiles for the following ranged weapons can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Airbursting Fragmentation Projector

This experimental weapon scatters fragmentation bomblets over a wide area at a height calculated by a simple AI within each warhead to cause optimum damage.

Range S AP Type
18" 4 5 Assault 1, Barrage, Ignores Cover, Large Blast

Burst Weapons

Burst weaponry finds use across the Tau military, primarily mounted on battlesuits and vehicles. Utilising a similar plasma induction technology found in Tau pulse technology, burst cannons arc multibarrelied weapons able, to sustain high rates of fire.

Range S AP Type
Burst cannon 18" 5 5 Assault 4
High output burst cannon 18" 5 5 Assault 6, Twin-linked
Heavy burst cannon
- Standard 36" 6 4 Heavy 8
- Nova-charge 36" 6 4 Heavy 12, Gets Hot, Rending, Nova-charge
Long-barrelled burst cannon 36" 5 5 Heavy 6

Nova-charge: This profile can only be used if a Riptide Shas’vre uses his nova reactor to charge his primary weapon.

Cluster Rocket System

These massive rocket pods are programmed to fire dozens of Drone-assisted warheads in optimised saturation patterns, maintaining a rate and density of fire sufficient to destroy entire mobs of Orks or swarms of Tyranid weapon-beasts. Explosions carpet the target zone, hurling bodies into the air and atomising screaming foes by the score.

Range S AP Type
48" 5 5 Heavy 4D6

Destroyer Missile

Each sleek destroyer missile incorporates an AI targeting processor far more advanced than anything used in seeker missiles. Drawing on extensive real-time targeting data, the destroyer missile identifies its target’s primary weak spot. It then uses self-guiding micro rockets to adjust trajectory and ensure a direct hit upon that location, tearing its victim apart in a spectacular explosion.

Range S AP Type
60" 8 1 Heavy 1, One use only

Fusion Weapons

Fusion weapons are anti-tank weapons that reduce reinforced armour to molten slag in ihe blink of eye.

Range S AP Type
Fusion blaster 18" 8 1 Assault 1, Melta
Fusion collider 18" 8 1 Assault 1, Blast, Melta
Fusion cascade 12" 6 1 Assault D3, Melta
Fusion cannon 24" 8 1 Heavy 1, Blast, Melta

Ion Weapons

The high-energy streams fired by ion weapons react destructively with their target, vaporising flesh and metal with equal case. Ion weapons can be overcharged to generate a more devastating attack, but at a risk of over healing its primary power cells.

Range S AP Type
Cyclic ion blaster
- Standard 18" 7 4 Assault 3
- Overcharge 18" 8 4 Heavy 1, Blast, Gets Hot
Cyclic ion raker
- Standard 24" 7 4 Assault 6
- Overcharge 24" 8 4 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Gets Hot
Ion rifle
- Standard 30" 7 4 Rapid Fire
- Overcharge 30" 8 4 Heavy 1, Blast, Gets Hot
Quad ion turret
- Standard 30" 7 4 Heavy 4
- Overcharge 30" 8 4 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Gets Hot
Ion cannon
- Standard 60" 7 3 Heavy 3
- Overcharge 60" 8 3 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Gets Hot
Ion accelerator
- Standard 72" 7 2 Heavy 3
- Overcharge 72" 8 2 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Gets Hot
- Nova-charge 72" 9 2 Ordnance 1, Gets Hot, Large Blast, Nova-charge
Phased ion gun 18" 4 4 Assault 4, Rending
Long-barrelled ion cannon 90" 7 3 Heavy 3

Nova-charge: This profile can only be used if a Riptide Shas’vre uses his nova reactor to charge his primary weapon.

Kroot Weapons

Kroot use primitive slug-throwers adapted by the Tau to fire pulse rounds. Some also fire sniper rounds, which have greater stopping power, but must be reloaded between shots, making them cumbersome to wield. The Kroot rifle also comes with blades attached to the muzzle and stock, a throwback to traditional Kroot fighting staves.

Range S AP Type
Kroot rifle
- Close combat - User 5 Melee, Two-handed
- Pulse round 24" 4 6 Rapid Fire
- Sniper round 24" X 6 Heavy 1, Sniper
Kroot gun 48" 7 4 Rapid Fire
Kroot bolt thrower
- Iron bolts 36" 4 - Assault 2, Poisoned (4+)
- Explosive bolts 36" 6 6 Assault 1, Blast


A markerlight is a hand-held device that projects a simple beam onto a target which then transmits a torrent of targeting data to other Tau units, allowing them to engage the target with unerring accuracy.
Markerlights are ranged weapons with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
Markerlight 36" - - Heavy 1, Target Acquired
High intensity markerlight 36" - - Heavy 2, Twin-linked, Target Acquired

Target Acquired: Markerlights cannot directly cause damage or Wounds. Instead, each time a unit suffers a hit with this special rule, place a markerlight counter next to it (no saves can be taken against these hits). Markerlight counters remain next to their unit until the end of the current phase or until they are used (whichever comes first).

Immediately before a unit with the Tau Empire Faction shoots at a target that has any markerlight counters, it can declare it is using one or more of the markerlight abilities listed below. Each ability costs a number of markerlight counters - remove this number of counters from the target immediately when the ability is declared. A unit can combine any number of markerlight abilities providing that there are enough counters.

Note that a unit cannot benefit from its own markerlights.

Destroyer: Markerlight cost: 1+
For each markerlight counter expended on this ability, a single destroyer missile fired by the unit at the target changes its Strength from 8 to D (see Destroyer Weapons).

Pinpoint: Markerlight cost: 1+
All models firing at the target as part of this shooting attack gain a bonus to their Ballistic Skill for the duration of the shooting attack. The size of this bonus is equal to the number of markerlight counters expended on this ability. Pinpoint can increase the Ballistic Skill of Snap Shots and Overwatch.

Scour: Markerlight cost: 2
All wounds, glancing hits and penetrating hits allocated to the target as part of this Shooting attack gain the Ignores Cover special rule.

Seeker: Markerlight cost: 1+
For each markerlight counter expended on this ability, the unit immediately fires a single seeker missile (if it has one) in addition to any other weapons it is permitted to fire. A seeker missile fired in this way:

Missile Pod Weapons

A simple but effective delivery system for multiple missiles, these weapon pods are used on light vehicles and heavy infantry at medium range, and are mounted on many battlesuits and drones.

Range S AP Type
Missile pod 36" 7 4 Assault 2
High-yeld missile pod 36" 7 4 Heavy 4

Neutron Blaster

Stingwing weapons are a hybrid of Vespid and Tau technology. The crystal mounted upon each blaster emits a powerful neutron blast that is able to bypass all but the most effective armour.

Range S AP Type
18" 5 3 Assault 1

Plasma Weapons

Plasma technology is used by many races, despite its highly unstable nature. The Tau favour a form of the technology that forgoes a degree of stopping power for an increased level of safety for the operator.

Range S AP Type
Plasma rifle 24" 6 2 Rapid Fire
Plasma cannon 48" 7 2 Heavy 2
Double-barrelled plasma rifle 24" 6 2 Assault 2, Twin-linked

Pulse Blastcannon

A shot from a pulse blastcannon has a different profile depending on how far the target unit is from the firer. If it is fired at between 10" and 30", the profile used is based on the distance to the central hole of the blast marker when it is placed, before rolling for scatter. If it is not clear which of the profiles to use, the controlling player can choose.

Range S AP Type
up to 10" D 1 Heavy 2
10"-20" 10 3 Heavy 2, Blast
20"-30" 9 5 Heavy 2, Large Blast

Pulse Blaster

A shot from a pulse blaster has a different profile depending on how far the target unit is from the firer. If it is not clear which of the profiles to use, the controlling player can choose.

Range S AP Type
up to 5" 6 3 Assault 2
5"-10" 5 5 Assault 2
10"-15" 4 - Assault 2

Pulse Weapons

Pulse technology is common within the Fire caste, and all pulse weapons utilise pulsed induction fields to propel lethal bursts of plasma over great distances. A pulse rifle or carbine is standard issue for Fire Warriors, while Breacher Teams wield pulse blasters, that utilise negatively charged ion A.R.C. technology to hammer their targets with short ranged bursts of devastating fire. The larger pulse weapons at the Tau disposal, including the pulse driver cannon and blaslcannon, employ superheated plasma on a different scale altogether, leaving only glowing craters to mark where the victims once stood.

Range S AP Type
Pulse pistol 12" 5 5 Pistol
Pulse carbine 18" 5 5 Assault 2, Pinning
Pulse rifle 30" 5 5 Rapid Fire
Long-shot pulse rifle 48" X 5 Rapid Fire, Sniper
Pulse bomb - 5 5 Bomb 1, Large Blast, One use only
Pulse driver cannon 72" 10 2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast
Pulse submunition rifle 24" 5 6 Assault 1, Large Blast, Ignores Cover
Pulse submunitions cannon 60" 6 3 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Cluster Fire

Cluster Fire: Very Bulky models, as well as those with the Bike/Jetbike/Beasts/Cavalry type, suffer two hits each from this weapon at an increased Strength of 7. Extremely Bulky and Artillery/Monstrous Creature/Flying Monstrous Creature/Vehicle (any type) models and specifically targeted buildings and fortifications suffer 3 hits each if they are hit by the weapon at an increased Strength of 8.

Example: The Large Blast (5") from a pulse submunitions cannon hits models from twо separate units: one comprising Space Marine Devastator Centurions and the other being a Tactical squad - two Space Marine Centurions and three Tactical squad Space Marines are affected by the blast.

Against the Tactical squad, the weapon's listed profile of Strength 6 is used as the Cluster Fire rule does not affect infantry models without the Bulky rule; and only 3 hits (one per model under the template) are inflicted, as per the standard rules. The Centurion squad suffers 4 hits at Strength 7 (two hits per model with the Very Bulky rule).

Rail Weapons

Tau rail weapons use linear accelerator technology to fire a solid projectile at hyper-velocity. They are capable of punching through the thickest of armour and of taking down the largest of enemies.

Range S AP Type
Rail rifle 30" 6 1 Rapid Fire
Heavy rail rifle 60" 8 1 Heavy 1
- Solid shot 72" 10 1 Heavy 1
- Submunition 72" 6 4 Heavy 1, Large Blast
Heavy railgun
- Solid shot 110" D 1 Ordnance 1, Primary Weapon
- Submunition 110" 7 3 Ordnance 1, Primary Weapon, Apocalyptic Blast

Seeker Missile

Seeker missiles are one-shot weapons usually guided to their targets by markerlights, though they can be fired independently as well.

Range S AP Type
72" 8 3 Heavy 1, One use only

Smart Missile System

A smart missile system fires self-guiding missiles with drone intelligence, which can find targets even hiding behind terrain.

Range S AP Type
30" 5 5 Heavy 4, Homing, Ignores Cover

Homing: Smart missile systems can be fired at targets out of the unit’s line of sight.

Battlesuits and Armour


Tau battlesuits are made of a dense nanocrystalline alloy which has an impact resistant structure and a lightweight composition that allows the suit to carry more weapon and support systems. Meanwhile, the shape of each battlesuit helps to deflect solid shots, while a liquid metal coating reflects laser fire.
The following battlesuits come equipped with multi-trackers and Blacksun Filter.

BattlesuitArmour Save

Recon Armour

Recon armour is similar to the combat armour worn by Fire Warriors, although it lacks some of the segmentations, trading a level of protection for greater movement.
Recon armour confers a 5+ armour save.

XV107 R'varna Battlesuit

A heavy fire support variant of the standard XV104 Riptide battlesuit, the R’varna battlesuit provides a 2+ armour save. It includes inbuilt multi-trackers, inbuilt blacksun filters and a flechette discharger. In the case of the flechette discharger, all models in contact with the R'varna's base are subject to the attack.

XV9 Close Support Battlesuit

An XV9 Battlesuit comes equipped with multi-trackers, blacksun filters, vectored retro-thrusters and photon casters (defensive grenades). In addition, an XV9 Battlesuit grants a 3+ armour save.

Support Systems

Profiles for the following support systems can be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook:

Advanced Targeting System

This specialised target acquisition system enables the battlesuit to identify and pick out priority targets in the midst of battle.
A model with an advanced targeting system has the Precision Shots special rule.

Blacksun Filter

This advanced optical system enhances and magnifies a warriors low-light vision whilst simultaneously filtering bright flares of light that could blind him in battle.
A model with a blacksun filter has the Night Vision special rule and is immune to the effects of the Blind special rule.

Counterfire Defence System

These AI sensor suites incorporate predictive logic circuits to ensure that assaulting enemies are met with a withering hail of fire.
A model with a counterfire defence system fires Overwatch at Ballistic Skill 2, rather than Ballistic Skill 1.

Drone Controller

A Drone controller acts as an interface between a Fire caste operator and the AI battle programs of nearby drones.
All Gun Drones, Marker Drones and Sniper Drones in the same unit as a model with a Drone controller use the bearer’s Ballistic Skill instead of their own. If a unit contains several Drone controllers, use the highest Ballistic Skill amongst the bearers.

DS8 Tactical Support Turret

Carried in racks along the flanks of Orca Dropships, tactical support turrets are automated defence batteries that provide support for Fire Warrior Strike Teams. These armoured turrets plummet into battle and deploy as fixed positions to add their firepower to the fight. Each turret is programmed to self-destruct should its sensors register the possibility of capture or tampering. This feature means that the Tau’s superior weaponry can never be turned upon them by their enemies.
Tactical support turrets are not set up when their unit deploys or arrives from Reserve. Instead, if the unit remains stationary in its Movement phase, you can set up the tactical support turret on an area of open ground, within 2" of a model from its unit, and more than 2" away from any enemy models. Once set up, the turret cannot move.

A tactical support turret has a Ballistic Skill of 3. It can fire in the Shooting phase or as part of an Overwatch attack when the rest of the models in its unit shoot, and must target the same enemy unit as the rest of its unit. It can fire on the turn it is set up.

Enemy models cannot attack or affect a tactical support turret in any way, but it is immediately removed as a casualty if there are no other models from its unit within 2" of it, or if an enemy model approaches within 2" of it. Should a unit’s tactical support turret ever be removed as a casualty, it can be returned to play in a future Movement phase as described above.

Early Warning Override

This sensor suite detects the electronic signatures of teleport beams and orbital-entry jump systems and jolt the battlesuit’s weapons to lock-on status before the target has a chance to react.
All weapons on a model with an early warning override have the Interceptor special rule.

Field Amplifier Relay

Taking the form of a lightweight backpack unit, the field amplifier relay picks up the protective force field of the Guardian Drone, spreading it in an energised umbrella over its bearer and beaming the signal on to other relays within range.
A model with a field amplifier relay that is in a unit that includes a Guardian Drone has a 5+ invulnerable save.

Ghostkeel Electrowarfare Suite

The Ghostkeel’s AI electrowarfare suite aggressively scans enemy targeting spectrums and invades the foe's sensor arrays, filling them with false informalion and scrap-data that makes it almost impossible to effectively fire upon the battlesuit at range.
The cover save bonus for having the Stealth and/or Shrouded special rules is doubled for this model against attacks made at a range of greater than 12" (to a maximum of a 2+ cover save).

Gravity Wave Projector

This projector emits a high-powered graviton wave that repulses nearby enemies, slowing their advance to a crawl.
At the start of the enemy Assault phase, nominate an enemy unit within 12" and then roll a D3. If, during that Assault phase, the nominated unit attempts to assault the Grav-inhibitor Drone, or its unit, reduce that unit’s charge move by the result of the D3 (to a minimum of 0).

Holophoton Countermeasures

Triggered by AI-assisted threat-warning protocols, holophoton countermeasures take the form of a targeted barrage of holo-decoys, friendly target simulacra and stroboscopic blasts. Enemy weapons are confounded, safety-switches engaging and machine spirits rebelling while their operators are left bewildered and blinded by the overwhelming sensory overload.
Once per battle, in the enemy Shooting phase, a model equipped with holophoton countermeasures can disrupt the targeting systems used by one enemy unit that is targeting it or the unit it belongs to. Declare that the unit will use the holophoton countermeasures after the enemy unit has chosen it as a target, but before any hit rolls are made. The enemy unit can only make Snap Shots in that shooting phase.

Homing Beacon

These multi-spectrum homing devices allow a cadre's battlesuit reinforcements to deploy with pinpoint precision.
Friendly units arriving by Deep Strike do not scatter as long as the first model is placed within 6" of a model with a homing beacon.

Hover Drone

Many Ethereals take to the field of war atop personal hover drones that float above the surface of the battlefield.
A model with a hover drone is not slowed by difficult terrain (even when charging), can move over all other models and terrain freely (but cannot end their move on top of other models or impassable terrain) and automatically passes Dangerous Terrain tests.


A multi-tracker assists battlesuit pilots in engaging enemy threats using multiple, armaments at once, making them formidable opponents in a wide variety of battle conditions.
A model with a multi-tracker can fire an additional weapon in each Shooting phase.

Networked Markerlight

These markerlights are networked directly into weapon systems, allowing them to deliver their payload with pinpoint accuracy.
Networked markerlights are a specialised version of the standard markerlight system. When a unit with one or more networked markerlights makes a Shooting attack, the networked markerlights are always fired first. Once the shots from the networked markerlights are resolved, the unit can then fire their other weapons. This means that they can expend their own markerlights in order to benefit their other weapons.

Nova Reactor

Though slightly unstable, the nova reactor is a dark-matter power source with an output akin to that of a small star.
You must declare if the pilot is going to attempt to use the nova reactor at the start of each of his Movement phases. If he chooses to do so, roll a D6. On the roll of a 1 or a 2, something has gone wrong the Riptide Shas’vre suffers a single Wound with no saves of any kind allowed and the attempt fails. On any other roll, the attempt is successful, and you can choose one of the abilities listed below for the Riptide Shas’vre to have (until the start of its next Movement phase).

Nova ShieldThis grants the Riptide Shas’vre a 3+ invulnerable save
BoostThe Riptide Shas’vre rolls 4D6 for its Thrust Move in the Assault phase
Ripple FireThe Riptide Shas’vre can fire its twin-linked fusion blaster, its twin-linked plasma rifle, or its twin-linked smart missile system twice this turn. Even though these weapons are fired twice, each still only counts as firing one weapon. 
Nova-chargeThe Riptide Shas’vre’s ion accelerator or heavy burst cannon can fire using its nova-charge profile. 

Positional Relay

This device records detailed battlefield data and relays it in a tight-band, encrypted burst to assets in orbit, allowing them to better coordinate forces operating in strategic reserve.
Whilst the bearer is within 6" of a board edge, any friendly unit with the Tau Empire Faction that arrives from Reserve using the Outflank special rule, can choose to move on from that board edge (even if it is your, or your opponent's board edge). Outflanking units that do not choose to arrive from that board edge arrive using the Outflank special rule.

Pulse Accelerator

This device emits a powerful induction field that accelerates the charges of pulse weapons, increasing their range.
All pulse weapons in a unit that contains at least one pulse accelerator increase their maximum range by 6".

Pulse Bomb Generator

This mechanism produces and contains a ball of incandescent plasma which hangs beneath the bomber, ready to be dropped when a suitable target is reached.
Immediately after the Sun Shark makes a bombing run, roll a D6. On a score of 2+, another pulse bomb is created and the Sun Shark can make another bombing run later in the game. On a roll of a 1, the pulse bomb generator’s power fails no more bombs can be created, and no more bombing runs can therefore be performed.

Riptide Shield Generator

Within a Riptide battlesuits ablative shield is housed a small energy field generator whose potency can be further boosted by diverting power from the XV104’s nova reactor.
A Riptide shield generator confers a 5+ invulnerable save.

Shield Generator

This generator projects a cohesive energy field capable, of protecting the bearer from heavy ordnance and anti-tank weapons fire.
A shield generator confers a 4+ invulnerable save.

Stimulant Injector

The baltlesuit is fitted with an advanced life-support system that is able to flood the warrior's system with analgesic drugs and life-sustaining stimulants should he become wounded.
A model with a stimulant injector has the Feel No Pain special rule.

Target Lock

Fire caste infantry who carry markerlights are often equipped with hardwired target locks that allow them to designate priority targets whilst their squad provides covering fire.
A model with a target lock can shoot at a different target to the rest of his unit.

Vectored Retro-thrusters

The warriors baltlesuit is equipped with supplemental thruster nozzles, allowing him a degree of additional manoeuvrability.
A model with vectored retro-thrusters has both the Fleet and Hit & Run special rules.

Models in Broadside battlesuits cannot be equipped with vectored retro-thrusters.

Velocity Tracker

These advanced motion-detecting and heat-seeking sensor systems allow pilots to track the movements of airborne targets.
A model with a velocity tracker can choose whether or not to have the Skyfire special rule each time he makes a shooting attack (choose once for all weapons).

Integrated Shield Generator

This provides а 5+ invulnerable save, which increases to a 4+ invulnerable save against shooting attacks.

Upgraded Shield Generator

An upgraded shield generator grants a 4+ invulnerable save against shooting attacks, and a 3+ invulnerable save against close combat attacks.

DS8 Tactical Support Turret

Tactical support turrets are automated defence batteries that plummet from ships into battle. Each turret is programmed to self-destruct should there be any danger of capture or tampering.
Tactical support turrets are not set up when their Kill Team deploys or arrives from Reserve. Instead, if a model in its unit remains stationary in its Movement phase, you can set up the tactical support turret on an area of open ground, within 2" of that model, and more than 2" away from any enemy models. Once set up, the turret cannot move.

A tactical support turret has a Ballistic Skill of 3. It can fire in the Shooting phase or as part of an Overwatch attack. It can fire in the turn it is set up.

Enemy models cannot attack or affect a tactical support turret in any way, but it is immediately removed as a casualty if there are no other models from its unit within 2" of it, or if an enemy model approaches within 2" of it. Should a unit’s tactical support turret ever be removed as a casualty, it can be returned to play in a future Movement phase as described above.

Signature Systems

Signature Systems are items of terrifying power. Many of them are experimental weapons, or are so advanced that they cannot be mass-produced. Only one of each of the following items may be chosen per army.

Only one of each Signature System can be taken per army.

Neuroweb System Jammer 2 pts
Onager Gauntlet 5 pts
Failsafe Detonator 10 pts
Repulsor Impact Field 10 pts
Command and Control Node 15 pts
Puretide Engram Neurochip 15 pts
Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite 20 pts
XV8-02 Crisis ‘Iridium’ Battlesuit 25 pts
XV81 Crisis Battlesuit 25 pts
XV84 Crisis Battlesuit 20 pts

Command and Control Node

The Command and Control Node is a sophisticated AI-assisied transmission system that enables a Commander to better direct battlefield operations by linking all Tau targeting computers together. A Commander who masters the flood of data can better orchestrate the firepower of his forces.
If a model with this wargear does not shoot in the Shooting phase, all Shooting attacks made by other models in his unit re-roll failed To Hit rolls until the end of the phase. This cannot be used when firing Overwatch. The Node can be used at the same time as a Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite.

Failsafe Detonator

This battlesuit device has been developed to be used only in the direst of circumstances. When activated, it causes the bearer's battlesuit to self-destruct, buying his team-mates time to withdraw and regroup from overwhelming enemy forces.
If a model with a Failsafe Detonator is slain in the Assault phase, centre the large blast marker over him immediately before removing the model as a casualty. All units, friend and foe, suffer a number of Strength 5 AP`-` hits equal to the number of models from their unit that are at least partially under the template. Unsaved Wounds inflicted by a Failsafe Detonator count towards determining the assault results.

Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite

Representing the pinnacle of Tau sensor technology, this prototype scans all spectral bands to locate stealth-cloaked enemies and relay the information to targeting computers.
If a model with a Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite does not shoot in the Shooting phase, all Shooting attacks made by other models in his unit gain the Ignores Cover special rule until the end of the current phase. This cannot be used when firing Overwatch. A Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite can be used at the same time as a Command and Control Node.

MV52 Shield Generator

The MV52 shield generator confers a 3+ invulnerable save.

Neuroweb System Jammer

The Tau seek mastery not only over their own technology, but also over that of other races. To this end, they have created a device capable of broadcasting a jamming field that interferes with enemy weapon systems, causing critical, and sometimes explosive malfunctions.
At the start of each enemy Shooting phase, a model with a Neuroweb System Jammer can use it to target a single enemy unit within 12". All shooting weapons in the target unit gain the Gets Hot special rule until the end of the phase.

Onager Gauntlet

Onager Gauntlets were first utilised during the Damocles Crusade to keep Crisis teams effective against Imperial Guard armoured companies. So armed, a warrior could punch a hole through the side of a battle tank, but the casualty rate whilst attempting to get close enough to use them was extremely high. Indeed, of the twelve original Onager Gauntlets, only one now remains, recovered from Commander Bravestorm’s critically damaged battlesuit.
During the Fight sub-phase, a model with the Onager Gauntlet can opt to substitute all his close combat attacks for a single Strength 10 AP1 attack.

Paradox of Duality

Aun’Va’s staff projects a protective field whose strength grows with the power of the weapons fired into it.
Whenever Aun’Va’s unit suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from a shooting attack, roll a D6. If the result is equal to or higher than the AP of the shot, the Wound is discounted, exactly as if a cover save had been passed (Wounds from AP1 weapons are therefore automatically discounted). This roll cannot be made against weapons with AP`-`.

Puretide Engram Neurochip

Commander Puretide was undoubtedly the most gifted Tau Commander of all time. The Tau were unwilling to lose his tactical and strategic brilliance, and upon his death, his mind was scanned and his accumulated memories committed to a massive hologram program on his birth world of Dal’yth. A sliver of that genius has been crafted into a bio-chip. When surgically implanted into the brain of a Fire caste commander, the bearer can access much of the wisdom of Puretide himself drawing upon a great reservoir of tactical acumen.
At the start of the bearer’s Movement phase, choose one of the following special rules: Counter-attack, Furious Charge, Monster Hunter, Stubborn or Tank Hunters. The model with the Puretide Engram Neurochip has that special rule until the start of his next Movement phase.

Repulsor Impact Field

The Tau have tried to reverse engineer the tractor beam technology recovered from Ork wrecks for decades, but their attempts to decipher its workings remain largely futile, due in no small part to the complete lack of logical, uniform construction employed by greenskins. So far, the sum total of Tau ingenuity has only managed to produce a single functioning Repulsor Impact Field. Testing has proven it to be a devastating weapon, emitting a shock wave of energy that smashes into those nearby with immense force.
At the start of the Fight sub-phase, at the Initiative 10 step, the Repulsor Impact Field inflicts D6 Strength 1 AP`-` hits on each enemy unit that completed a charge against the bearer, or his unit, this turn.

Structural Analyser

This device utilises a new type of sensor to scan for the most critical enemy weak points and then feeds that information back into targeting computers.
When Darkstrider targets a non-vehicle enemy unit with a shooting attack, that unit suffers -1 Toughness against hits from that shooting attack - this applies to Darkstrider’s entire unit’s shooting attacks, not just his own. Use the target’s modified Toughness to determine if the target suffers Instant Death. This ability cannot be used when firing Snap Shots.

The Dawn Blade

The Dawn Blade is an alien sword discovered in the ruins of Arthas Moloch. Its sculpted surface paints glittering arcs of destruction as it is swung.

Range S AP Type
- User 2 Melee, Armourbane

XV02 Pilot Battlesuit

This prototype allows a pilot to work in tandem with his vehicle’s AI by processing the cadre tactical network and incoming data so quickly, the pilot can react rapidly to enemies attacking his vehicle or nearby units.
The XV02 Pilot battlesuit incorporates a blacksun filter. Longstrike’s Hammerhead can fire Overwatch and has the Supporting Fire special rule. Furthermore, Longstrike's Hammerhead is not limited to firing Overwatch once each phase (it can still only fire Overwatch once against each eligible charging unit).

XV22 Stealth Battlesuit

This experimental battlesuit incorporates the latest advances in cloaking technology, targeting systems and miniature shield generators.
The XV22 Stealth battlesuit confers a 3+ armour save and 5+ invulnerable save. Like other Stealth battlesuits, the XV22 comes equipped with a multi-tracker and blacksun filter. Furthermore, Shadowsun can shoot each of her fusion blasters at a different target. If she is firing while in a unit, at least one fusion blaster must be fired at her unit’s target.

XV8-02 Crisis ‘Iridium’ Battlesuit

Following the death of Commander Pridestar to a sniper's bullet and the subsequent rout of Fire caste warriors during the Klodate Worlds Suppression, the Earth caste developed an experimental iridium alloy and produced enough armour plates to reinforce a small series of battlesuits. The XV8-02 prototype offers Fire caste leaders and their bodyguards optimal protection.
A model with an XV8-02 Crisis ‘Iridium’ Battlesuit has +1 Toughness and an armour save of 2+. They otherwise follow all of the rules for XV8 Crisis battlesuits.

XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit

A Commander equipped with an XV86 Coldstar battlesuit has the Flying Monstrous Creature (Character) unit type, but does not have the Fear, Smash, or Vector Strike special rules. They also have a multi-tracker and blacksun filter.

If the Commander has any Drones, they form a unit with him while he is Gliding. When he is Swooping, the Drones are removed from the battlefield. If he is slain whilst Swooping, his Drones are destroyed. If a Swooping Commander changes flight mode (or is grounded), his surviving Drones are immediately placed on the battlefield in unit coherency with him.

Eclipse Shield Generator

A huge drain on the suit’s power capacity, the experimental 'Eclipse' type shield generator provides a defensive energy barrier and diffracts light much in manner of a stealth field. It provides a 4+ invulnerable save, increasing to a 3+ invulnerable save against attackers more than 12" away.

Experimental Pulse Submunitions Rifle

As well as his standard pulse submunitions rounds, R’alai is also equipped with a selection of experimental, limited issue, warheads for his weapon. During a battle, he may use any of these special ammunition types instead of firing his pulse submunition rifle as normal, although their barely contained power can damage the suit itself.

Range S AP Type
EMP shell 24" - - Assault 2, Gets Hot, Haywire
Hyper-density sabot 36" 9 3 Assault 2, Gets Hot
Ionic cluster-beam 24" 4 4 Assault 2, Gets Hot, Large Blast, Rending

XV81 Crisis Battlesuit

The XV81 Battlesuit was designed in an attempt to counter the high casualty rate amongst Tau commanders, whose zeal in battle often led to them being exposed to enemy fire whilst in support of their troops. Its back-mounted smart missile system allows a commander to suppress enemy forces without leaving themselves completely vulnerable.
A model equipped with XV81 Crisis Battlesuit has a Smart Missile System and the Extremely Bulky special rule. This replaces any other version of the Bulky rule the model may already have. An XV81 Battlesuit may only be fitted with a maximum of two options from the Ranged Weapons list. They otherwise follow all of the rules for XV8 Crisis battlesuits.

XV84 Crisis Battlesuit

Crisis battlesuit teams are often called upon to fight away from support of their Cadre, whether buying time for their comrades to retreat and redeploy, or undertaking a surprise assault on the enemy. To provide units tasked with such demanding missions with markerlight support, the Earth caste has begun testing the XV84 battlesuit in this role.
A model equipped with an XV84 Crisis Battlesuit has both Networked Markerlight and Target Lock. They otherwise follow all of the rules for XV8 Crisis battlesuits.

XV89-02 Battlesuit

Shas’O R’myr is equipped with a unique prototype battlesuit still undergoing field trials with Earth caste.
This battlesuit grants him a 3+ armour save, blacksun filters and miniaturised flechette discharger inflicts a single Strength 3 AP`-` hit on every enemy model in base contact with Shas’O R’myr during the initiative step 10 of any fight sub-phase.

Vehicle Battle Systems

Advanced Targeting System

An advanced targeting system assists the vehicles gunner by identifying targets of particular value or danger and plotting fire plans to counter them.
A vehicle with an advanced targeting system has the Precision Shots special rule.

Automated Repair System

Tiny maintenance drones swarm over damaged systems to repair them in the midst of battle.
At the end of each friendly turn, roll a D6 for each vehicle with an automated repair system that has suffered an Immobilised or Weapon Destroyed result. On the roll of a 6, one Immobilised or Weapon Destroyed result of the owning players choice is repaired and no longer has any effect. Note, this does not restore any Hull Points.

Blacksun Filter

This optical filtering suite allows vehicle sensors to target enemies at full efficiency and range, even during night fighting operations.
A vehicle equipped with a blacksun filter has the Night Vision special rule.

Decoy Launchers

Decoy launchers are mounted near the engines of Tau skimmers and fire clouds of reflective strips and tiny emitter drones to protect the vehicle from enemy missiles.
A vehicle with decoy launchers has a 4+ invulnerable save against glancing and penetrating hits caused by weapons with the Interceptor special rule.

Disruption Pod

A disruption pod throws out distorting images in both visual and magnetic spectra, making it hard to target the vehicle, at range.
A vehicle with a disruption pod has +1 cover save. This means that they have a 6+ cover save even in the open.

Flechette Discharger

Powerful clusters of reactive charges are attached to the hulls of many Tau vehicles. If the enemy approaches, the clusters fire off vicious clouds of high velocity flechettes.
During the Initiative 10 step of the Fight sub-phase, any enemy unit with at least one model in base contact with the vehicle suffers a number of Strength 4 AP`-` hits equal to the number of models it has in base contact with the vehicle.

Point Defence Targeting Relay

Designed to provide superior covering fire for nearby Fire caste units, a point defence relay automatically targets and engages enemies that attempt to assault.
A vehicle with a point defence targeting relay can fire Overwatch, but only with weapons of Strength 5 or less. If the vehicle has any attached drones, they may also fire Overwatch with weapons of Strength 5 or less. In addition, the vehicle has the Supporting Fire special rule.

Sensor Spines

Sensor spines are used to feed data to an advanced ground following flight control system, plotting safe courses through treacherous terrain that avoid traps and mines that might lie hidden from sight.
A vehicle with sensor spines has the Move Through Cover special rule.