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This section of Codex: Ynnari lists wargear (including Revenant Discipline, Armour, Artefacts of the Ynnari and Ynnari Psychic Powers) used by Ynnari, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000.



A runesuit confers a 4+ invulnerable save.

Artefacts of the Ynnari

The artefacts of the Ynnari are items ancient and storied, and they bestow the powers of death and rebirth upon their honoured bearers. Only one of each of the following items may be chosen per army, and only one may be chosen per model.

Units with the Ynnari Faction that can normally choose items from the Remnants of Glory, Artefacts of Cruelty or Enigmas of the Black Library can instead be equipped with an Artefact of the Ynnari (below), as described and at the points cost indicated. You can take items from any/all of these lists in the same Detachment, but each model may only have one such item.

Song of Ynnead 10 pts
Corag Hai’s Locket 15 pts
Hungering Blade 15 pts
Soulsnare 25 pts
Mirrorgaze 30 pts
The Lost Shroud 35 pts

Asu-var, the Sword of Silent Screams

This blade steals the foe’s voice and life alike.

Range S AP Type
- +2 2 Melee, Silence, Two-handed

Silence: Enemy units within 3" of the Visarch use the lowest Leadership characteristic in their unit, rather than the highest.

Corag Hai’s Locket

Corag Hai, the ancient priestess killed by Yvraine in the Crucibael arena, died spectacularly when Ynnead chose his emissary to the living Eldar world. Only this soulsteel trinket was left amongst the dust of her discorporation. It has inside it two stylised cameo pictures; Morai-Heg on one side, and Ynnead on the other, representing the end of life and the beginning of rebirth respectively. The wearer of this locket can channel the energies of this immortal cycle into themselves, healing their wounds and extending their lifespan whenever they are near the ebbing fires of a slain victim.
When the bearer destroys one or more enemy models in the Fight sub-phase, roll a dice before removing any casualties. On a 4 or more, the bearer regains a lost Wound.

Hungering Blade

The Hungering Blade has been blessed by Yvraine in the name of her macabre deity. Within it is a terrible appetite, a longing to turn all living Eldar to inert corpses in order to see the supremacy of Ynnead hastened and the Great Enemy defeated as a result. Great care must be taken by the wielder, for the slightest scratch upon the flesh from this glistening blade can result in a deadly necrosis that turns the body to dust in the space of a few seconds. Its effects upon non-Eldar life forms are just as profound.
Replaces one of the bearer’s melee weapons.

Range S AP Type
- User - Melee, Blessing of Yvraine, Fleshbane

Blessing of Yvraine: If an Aeldari model is killed by this weapon, before any casualties are removed the wielder has any lost Wounds restored.

Kha-vir, the Sword of Sorrows

This blade’s razored kiss turns its victims to ash.

Range S AP Type
- +1 3 Melee, Instant Death


This ornate helm is covered in tiny mosaic shards splintered from the famed Crystal Mirror, the Ulthwéan artefact that allowed Kysaduras the Anchorite to peer into the realm of the dead at will. Its facets can channel the blinding light of battle to rob the sight of those who look upon it, giving the wearer a critical moment of advantage that may be the difference between life and death.
The wearer has the Blind, Counter-attack and Night Vision special rules.

Song of Ynnead

The whispering hiss of the monomolecular discs that shoot from this pistol rises to a deafening roar of triumph when it claims a life. Those nearby are assailed by terrible hallucinations, as vengeful spirits clamour within their minds with their grave-cold claws clutching and raking at their sanity.
Replaces one of the bearer’s ranged weapons.

Range S AP Type
18" 1 5 Pistol, Bladestorm, Deathsong, Poisoned (2+)

Bladestorm: When firing a weapon with this special rule, a To Wound roll of a 6 wounds automatically, regardless of the target’s Toughness, and is resolved at AP2.

Deathsong: If a model is killed by this weapon in the Shooting phase, its unit must take a take a Morale check at the end of the phase.


This large, rune-inscribed orb is filled with the psychic gossamer of Ynnead’s all-constraining net. When hurled at the ground, it bursts open in a cloud of glittering thread. Much as the monofilament wire of a Warp Spider Aspect Warrior’s deathspinner slices effortlessly through armour, flesh and bone, the shining filaments of the soulsnare cut through the animating spirit. Those standing nearby collapse in crumpled heaps, their bodies no more than lifeless clay as their spirits howl in anguish. Truly it is said that to stand in the path of the Ynnari is to risk an eternity of pain.

Range S AP Type
8" 3 2 Assault 1, Blast, Instant Death, One use only

The Lost Shroud

This cloak was woven from the silken threads of ectoplasmic by-product that wisped from Craftworld Biel-Tan’s ravaged infinity circuit after the great daemonic intrusion that took it to the brink of catastrophe. The seers of the Eldar consider it dangerous in the extreme, for it may still harbour a link to the daemonic – one brave enough to don the cloak will soon find their companions giving them a wide berth indeed. It may just be worth it, however, for within its shimmering weave, the deathless blessing of Ynnead is exceedingly powerful.
The bearer has the Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain and It Will Not Die special rules. The bearer no longer has the Independent Character special rule, if applicable.

Vilith-zhar, the Sword of Souls

This shape-shifting blade was forged in the heat of burning souls.

Range S AP Type
- User 2 Melee, Armourbane, Fleshbane, Soul Blaze

Ynnari Psychic Powers

The stirring of Ynnead and the revelations of Yvraine have awakened something long thought lost in Aeldari psykers – the awe-inspiring power over life and death. Wielding this macabre discipline, they fill their allies with fortitude, draw on the strength of the long dead, and steal the souls of their enemies.

Revenant Discipline

Spirit Hook

(Primaris Power)
With a beckoning gesture, the psyker draws the soul forth from the mortal forms of their enemies and sets it free upon the wind.
Warp Сharge: 1
Spirit Hook is a focussed witchfire power with a range of 18". If the Psyker has a higher Leadership than the target, the target suffers a Strength 6 hit; otherwise, it suffers a Strength 3 hit. No armour or cover saves are allowed against hits caused by this power. Spirit Hook has no effect on vehicles.

Shield of Ynnead

Those favoured by the Whispering God are bestowed with his protection, manifesting itself as a shield of spiritual energy capable of turning aside even the strongest of attacks.
Warp Сharge: 1
Shield of Ynnead is a blessing that targets the Psyker. Whilst this power is in effect, all friendly units within 7" of the Psyker have a 6+ invulnerable save.

Storm of Whispers

The low hiss of the psyker’s whisper is joined by the voices of their ancestors, the cumulative effect building to a maddening crescendo that drives mortal minds to insanity in a matter of seconds.
Warp Сharge: 1
Storm of Whispers is a nova power with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
9" 3 2 Assault 2D6, Ignores Cover, Pinning


Word of the Phoenix

Chanting in the ancient tongue of the Aeldari as they draw upon the aetheric currents, the psyker blesses their allies with the paradoxical power of the mythical phoenix, who dies in flame only to be reborn all the stronger.
Warp Сharge: 2
Word of the Phoenix is a psychic power that targets a friendly unit with the Strength from Death special rule within 24". That unit can immediately make a Soulburst action.

Ancestor’s Grace

Drawing forth the greatness that is the genetic legacy of all Eldar, be they craftworlder or Commorrite, the psyker bolsters their fellows’ bodies and souls until they achieve the apex of their potential.
Warp Сharge: 2
Ancestor’s Grace is a blessing that targets a friendly non-vehicle unit within 14". Whilst this power is in effect, the target unit adds 1 to its Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative, Attacks and Leadership characteristics, and gains the Adamantium Will special rule.

Unbind Souls

The cutting of the cord that binds soul to body was once the province of the crone goddess and her priestesses. Since the awakening of Ynnead, those skilled in the psychic arts can undo that spiritual bond – the Ynnari nearby are more than ready to capitalise.
Warp Сharge: 2
Unbind Souls is a witchfire power with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
12" 4 - Assault*, Soulreap

Soulreap: If any models in the target unit are slain, one friendly unit with the Strength from Death special rule within 7" of the target unit may make a Soulburst action.

*Unbind Souls makes a number of shots equal to the number of models in the enemy unit.

Gaze of Ynnead

The psyker’s eyes blaze with white fire as they turn themselves into a conduit for the power of their god. For a brief moment, the Whispering God himself peers dimly from the Ynnari’s eyes – those he perceives are slain in an instant, regardless of their paltry mortal shields. Woe to those who draw his gaze…
Warp Сharge: 3
Gaze of Ynnead is a witchfire power with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
12" 10 1 Assault 1, Ignores Cover, Inescapable

Inescapable: Invulnerable saves cannot be taken against this psychic power.