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Dear friends! Comrades! I will always be happy to receive your feedback about the site. No matter whether it's criticism, sensible proposal or just words of support. But most of all I will be happy to receive a message about errors. Please drop a line about any possible errors to wahapedia@gmail.com. Typically I respond within 24 hours. If the problem is more extensive you will receive my respond about terms of problem’s solvation or other commentary.

Also tell me what book you would like to see on the site please. For example, if you play Warhammer at a local club using profiles from obsolete Imperial Armour issue, I certainly consider the option to add it to the site. The main criterion for the expansion of the site is the utility for people.


Currently Wahapedia is presented in facebook (english) and vkontakte (russian) social networks. Please subscribe if you want to keep a track of the website’s development. Share Wahapedia link with your friends (not GW employees!) if you want to.


Like the site? Think it’s useful? Support it!
There are several ways in which you can support the Wahapedia development:
  1. Report mistakes. I love to receive error messages from users, since each bugfix makes Wahapedia even better!
  2. Share your ideas on design of the site. As the saying goes: one head is good, two is better!
  3. Give some of your money. Donation is the most powerful motivator for my daily struggle for data relevance and integrity of the site.

Thank you!