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The Warlord

When choosing your army, you must nominate one model to be your Warlord. Unless specified otherwise, this must be a character model. If you do not have any character models in your army, then select any other model in your army to be the Warlord. The model you choose as your Warlord also determines your Primary Detachment.

Warlord Traits

Your Warlord is a potent force upon the battlefield. Not only is he a mighty hero, with all the skills and renown you might expect from the leader of a great army, but over the course of a long career he will also have picked up one or more specialised abilities, which we refer to as ‘traits’.

If your Warlord is a character model, then he has one Warlord Trait. Note that if you have had to pick a non-character model as your Warlord, then it does not receive a Warlord Trait, but counts as a Warlord for all other rules purposes.

To determine which trait your Warlord has, you need to choose which Warlord Traits table to roll on. You must roll on this table immediately before you deploy the first unit in your army. Sometimes, other publications present alternative Warlord Traits tables that you can choose to roll on instead.

Warlord Traits and Unique Units

Many Unique Independent Characters are listed as having a specific Warlord Trait in their Army List Entry. If such a unit is your Warlord, do not roll on a Warlord Trait table – instead, that unit automatically has the listed Warlord Trait. Note that the unit will only gain that Warlord Trait if it is your Warlord. If another model is selected as your Warlord, then the unique unit will not have any Warlord Trait, even if there is a trait listed in its entry.

Death of the Warlord

If your Warlord is removed as a casualty during your game, any abilities or special rules granted by his Warlord Trait are immediately lost. If the Warlord Trait in question conferred a special rule that allows an unusual method of deployment from Reserves (such as conferring the Outflank ability on certain units) that special rule is immediately lost and the affected units must instead deploy from Reserves in the normal fashion.

Tactical Traits

Tactical Traits are abilities that affect how your Warlord interacts with battlefield objectives. They represent how he can influence the goals of the battle and adapt to new tactical challenges. These Warlord Traits are only useful in missions that have the Tactical Objectives mission special rule.

D6Warlord Traits
1Tactical Genius
Whilst your Warlord is alive, you can discard up to 2 Active Tactical Objectives at the end of your turn instead of only 1. 
2Master of Interference
One use only. Declare your Warlord is using this ability at the end of one of your turns. Your opponent must randomly select one of his Active Tactical Objectives and immediately discard it. 
3Well Prepared
Generate one additional Tactical Objective on your First Turn
4Forward Planning
After generating Tactical Objectives on your First Turn, you can immediately choose to use this Warlord Trait. If you do so, discard all your Active Tactical Objectives; generate a new Tactical Objective for each one that was discarded. 
5Master of Fate
Whilst your Warlord is alive, you can re-roll the dice when determining how many Victory Points are awarded for Tactical Objectives that award a random number of Victory Points when scored. 
6Lead by Example
Any ‘Secure Objective X’ Tactical Objective, where X is a number between 1 and 6, that is scored because your Warlord or his unit controls that Objective Marker, scores 1 additional Victory Point

Command Traits

Command Traits affect an area immediately surrounding your Warlord, representing the orders he issues to the units around him during the thick of battle.

D6Warlord Traits
1Inspiring Presence
Friendly units within 12" of the Warlord can use his Leadership rather than their own. 
2Intimidating Presence
Enemy units within 12" of the Warlord must use their lowest Leadership value, not the highest. 
3The Dust of a Thousand Worlds
Your Warlord, and all friendly units within 12", have the Move Through Cover special rule. 
4Master of the Vanguard
Your Warlord, and all friendly units within 12", add 1" to the distance that they can move when they Run or Charge
5Target Priority
In the Shooting phase, your Warlord and all friendly units within 12" of him re-roll To Hit rolls of 1. 
6Coordinated Assault
In the Assault phase, your Warlord and all friendly units within 12" of him re-roll To Hit rolls of 1. 

Personal Traits

Personal Traits represent specific combat skills that your Warlord possesses. He can influence those fighting alongside him as he leads by example.

D6Warlord Traits
1Master of Defence
Your Warlord has the Counter-attack special rule. 
2Master of Offence
Your Warlord has the Furious Charge special rule. 
3Master of Manoeuvre
Your Warlord has the Outflank special rule. 
4Legendary Fighter
Your army gains 1 Victory Point for each enemy character slain by your Warlord in a challenge
Your Warlord has the Feel No Pain special rule. 
6Immovable Object
Your Warlord has the Fearless and It Will Not Die special rules. 

Strategic Traits

Strategic Traits are skills that affect your entire army, representing tricks or gambits your Warlord sets in motion long before the battle begins.

D6Warlord Traits
1Conqueror of Cities
Your units have the Move Through Cover special rule if moving through Ruins, and the Stealth (Ruins) special rule. 
2Night Attacker
If you choose to use the Night Fighting rules in your game, there is no need to roll – it is Night on the first turn, and all models in your army have the Night Vision special rule. 
3Master of Ambush
Your Warlord and three non-vehicle units of your choice have the Infiltrate special rule. 
4Strategic Genius
You add +1 to any Seize the Initiative roll. In addition, whilst your Warlord is alive, you can re-roll any Reserve Rolls (failed or successful). 
5Divide to Conquer
Whilst your Warlord is alive, your opponent has a -1 modifier to their Reserve Rolls
6Princeps of Deceit
At the start of your opponent’s first turn, pick 3 units in the enemy army. Each of these units must take a Pinning test.