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Some weapons are so large and cumbersome that they are usually mounted on vehicles, but are sometimes utilised by Artillery teams on foot, particularly if the battlefield’s terrain is not suitable for vehicles. These mighty Artillery weapons are mounted on wheeled supports or on anti-grav platforms, as they are simply too heavy to lug across a battlefield.

The Unit

Artillery units consist of a number of crew models and the gun models themselves. These units can include several different types of models. The gun models have the following profile:


If all the crew models are killed, the guns are immediately removed as well.

Sometimes, the player has the choice of adding leaders or additional models to the crew of an Artillery unit. These models are part of the crew in all respects and can operate the guns as normal, even if they are otherwise slightly different from the rest of the crew. Independent Characters that join the unit, however, do not count as crew and cannot operate the guns.

Movement Phase

Artillery units need at least one crewman per gun in order for the unit to move. If an Artillery unit does not have at least one crewman per gun, then it may not move; the remaining crewmen will not voluntarily leave a gun behind.

Shooting With Artillery

One crewman that is within 2" of a gun in the Shooting phase can fire it. The crewmen firing the gun cannot fire any weapons they are carrying, while the other crew members (and any Independent Characters in the unit) are free to fire their side arms, provided the whole unit shoots at the same target. When firing the guns, there must be a line of sight to the target from both the gun model and the crewman firing it (unless they are Barrage weapons, of course). Ranges are measured from the barrel on the gun model.

Shooting At Artillery

If shooting at an Artillery unit, the Toughness of the guns is always used whilst at least one gun remains. Any Wounds that are caused are still allocated to the closest model first. If an Artillery unit chooses to Go to Ground, this does not increase the cover save of the guns – only the crew benefit.

Assault Phase

Artillery units cannot charge as long as they include any gun models.

If an Artillery unit is charged, only the crew models can fire Overwatch shots with their side arms (if any). After Overwatch has been resolved, move the charging models into base contact with the crew and Artillery gun models as normal. No Wounds can be allocated to the guns. All engaged enemies roll To Hit and To Wound against the crew (even if they are only engaged with guns). Engaged crew models can, fight back, but the Artillery guns cannot.

Morale & Fall Back Moves

For the purposes of Morale checks and other Leadership tests, and for combat resolution, always ignore the gun models, as if they were not there. Because they need at least one crewman per gun in order for the unit to move, if an Artillery unit does not have one crewman per gun when it is forced to Fall Back, any gun models without crewmen are abandoned and immediately removed as casualties. The rest of the unit then Falls Back as normal. If an Artillery unit is forced to Fall Back from close combat and the enemy is free to make a Sweeping Advance, then the Artillery unit automatically loses the Initiative test and is caught and destroyed by the victor.

Artillery & Look Out, Sir

A Wound cannot be re-allocated onto a gun model from a successful Look Out, Sir roll.



 Q: When firing at artillery units, does the gun’s Toughness value apply for the purposes of resolving Instant Death against any Independent Characters that have joined the unit?
No, Instant Death is worked out each time a Wound is allocated to an individual model.
 Q: Regarding batteries and out-of-range weapons – if 2 out of 3 weapons from an artillery battery are in range and the 3rd is out of range, do you just allocate 2 blast templates (the 3rd being unable to shoot)?