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Bikes & Jetbikes

Units mounted on Bikes excel at vanguard strikes. They are able to use their fast speed to strike deep into enemy territory, complete their mission and escape before an enemy is able to react. These warriors are often regarded as dangerously hot-headed risk-takers, but their effectiveness cannot be denied.

Armoured Steed

Bike and Jetbike riders benefit from an increase to their Toughness characteristic by 1. If the Bike or Jetbike is part of the model’s standard wargear, this bonus is already included on its profile. In addition, Bikes and Jetbikes cannot Go to Ground, and cannot be Pinned.


Eldar and Dark Eldar Jetbikes

The Eldar are the undisputed masters of anti-grav technology, and their jetbikes form swift attack forces feared by all who face them. One of their favourite tactics is to emerge from cover, open fire and then retreat into cover before the enemy soldiers can retaliate.

In addition to following all the rules for Jetbikes, if an Eldar Jetbike elects to Turbo-boost in the Shooting phase, it can move up to 36". If they do not Turbo-boost, Eldar Jetbikes may move up to 2D6" in the Assault phase, even if they have shot in the preceding Shooting phase or arrived by Deep Strike that turn. When Eldar Jetbikes move in the Assault phase and do not charge, they treat difficult terrain in the same way as they do in the Movement phase.
Bikes and Jetbikes can move up to 12" in the Movement phase.

Bikes & Terrain

Bikes and Jetbikes are not slowed down by difficult terrain (even when charging). However, Bikes treat all difficult terrain as dangerous terrain instead.

Jetbikes, Models and Terrain

Jetbikes can move over all other models and terrain freely. However, if a moving Jetbike begins or ends its move in difficult terrain, it must take a Dangerous Terrain test. Jetbikes cannot end their move over other models or impassable terrain, except that they can end their move on top of impassable terrain if it is actually possible to place the models on top of it. If they do so, they treat the impassable terrain as dangerous terrain.

Fall Back Moves

Bikes and Jetbikes move 3D6" when Falling Back, rather than 2D6".


Each Bike or Jetbike in a unit can fire with one weapon for each rider on the Bike. Thus a Space Marine Attack Bike with a driver and passenger in sidecar can fire two weapons.

Special Rules

Bikes and Jetbikes have the Hammer of Wrath, Jink, Relentless and Very Bulky special rules.


Bikes and Jetbikes cannot Run, but can make a special Turbo-boost move instead of firing in their Shooting phase.

Turbo-boosting Bikes move up to 12", Turbo-boosting Jetbikes move up to 24". Controlling their Bikes at such speeds takes all the riders’ concentration and skill, however. Bikes and Jetbikes therefore cannot shoot, charge or execute any other voluntary action until the end of their turn after Turbo-boosting.