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Jet Pack Units

Jet packs are designed to provide stable firing platforms rather than a means of getting into close combat. As with Jump units, ‘Jet Pack’ is not a classification in and of itself. Instead, you’ll find it occurs in addition to another – Jet Pack Infantry, for example. If no such distinction is made in a unit entry, treat the model as Jet Pack Infantry.


Jet Pack units can move as normal models of their type or use their jet packs (see below).


When using its jet pack (whether moving, or making a Thrust move, as we’ll discuss in a moment) a model can move over all other models and terrain freely. However, if the model begins or ends its move in difficult terrain, it must take a Dangerous Terrain test.

Jet Pack models cannot end their move on top of other models and can only end their move on top of impassable terrain if it is actually possible to place the models on top of it. If they do this, however, they treat the impassable terrain as dangerous terrain.

Thrust Move

A Jet Pack unit that is not locked in combat or charging can move up to 2D6" in the Assault phase, even if they have shot or Run in the preceding Shooting phase or arrived by Deep Strike that turn. When Jet Pack units move in the Assault phase and do not charge, they move just as they would when using their jet packs in the Movement phase.

Special Rules

Jet Pack units have the Bulky, Deep Strike and Relentless special rules.