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Open-topped Vehicles

Some vehicles have only a little armour, making them more vulnerable to damage because of their lightweight construction. However, such vehicles make for excellent assault transports as their passengers can disembark with much greater ease.

The Vehicle Damage Table

A lack of armour leaves vital parts of these vehicles vulnerable. If a vehicle is Open-topped, add 1 to any rolls made on the Vehicle Damage table (this is cumulative with other modifiers).

Open-topped Transports

Open-topped vehicles do not have specific Access Points. Instead, all of the vehicle is considered to be an Access Point (regardless of any base they may have).

Passengers Shooting from Open-topped Transport

Open-topped Transports do not have specific Fire Points. Instead, all passengers in an Open-topped Transport can fire, measuring range and line of sight from any point on the hull of the vehicle.

Passengers Charging from Open-topped Transport

Acting as an ideal attack platform, all Open-topped Transports have the Assault Vehicle special rule.