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Some highly advanced vehicles are fitted with anti-gravity drives that allow them to skim swiftly over tough terrain and intervening troops, making them perfect for surprise flanking attacks.

Skimmers and Measuring

Unlike most other vehicles, Skimmers have flying bases under their hull. However, distances are still measured to and from the Skimmer’s hull, with the exceptions of the vehicle’s weapons and Fire Points, which all work as normal. The base of a Skimmer is effectively ignored, except for when the Skimmer is being charged or Rammed, in which case, models may move into contact with the vehicle’s hull, its base or both.

Moving Skimmers

Skimmers can move over friendly and enemy models, but they cannot end their move on top of either.

Skimmers can move over all terrain, ignoring all penalties for difficult terrain and Dangerous Terrain tests . However, if a moving Skimmer starts or ends its move in difficult or dangerous terrain, it must take a Dangerous Terrain test. A Skimmer can even end its move over impassable terrain if it is possible to actually place the model on top of it, but if it does so it must take a Dangerous Terrain test.

If a Skimmer is forced to end its move over friendly or enemy models, move the Skimmer the minimum distance so that no models are left underneath it.

Fast Skimmers

If a vehicle is both Fast (see above) and a Skimmer, it can move up to 18" when moving Flat Out.

Skimmers and Damage Results

If a Skimmer is Immobilised or Wrecked, its base is removed, if possible. If this is not possible (the base might have been glued in place, for example), don’t worry about it. The Skimmer’s anti-grav field is obviously still working and an Immobilised Skimmer will simply remain hovering in place, incapable of any further movement (including turning on the spot); a Wrecked one is now a floating, burning wreck. Note that it is not otherwise permitted to remove the flying base, as Skimmers cannot land in battle conditions.

Special Rules

Skimmers that are not also Heavy vehicles or are Immobilised have the Jink special rule.



 Q: Do Skimmers arriving from Deep Strike automatically get moved if they scatter on top of an enemy unit?
No, they suffer a Deep Strike Mishap as usual.
 Q: Must the passengers of a Fast Skimmer fire Snap Shots if their Transport moved more than 6"?