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Walkers are an unusual type of vehicle. Instead of wheels or tracks, they have mechanical limbs that allow them to stride forwards, ploughing through densely packed terrain with ease in order to bring their weapons to bear.

Additional Characteristics

Unlike other vehicles, Walkers have a Weapon Skill, Strength, Initiative and Attacks characteristic. Shown here is an example:

WS BS S F S R I A HP Unit Type
Scout Sentinel 3 3 5 10 10 10 3 1 2 Vehicle (Walker, Open-topped)

Walkers and Measuring

If a Walker has a base, measure ranges and distances to and from its base, as for an Infantry model. If a Walker does not have a base (like the Defiler), measure to and from its hull (including any legs or other limbs), as normal for vehicles. The Walker’s weapons are an exception to this, as explained below.

Moving Walkers

Walkers move using the movement rules for Infantry. They can move 6" in the Movement phase, Run in the Shooting phase, and charge in the Assault phase, just as Infantry can. Difficult terrain affects Walkers just as it does Infantry, and only counts as dangerous terrain if it would do so for Infantry. If Walkers fail a Dangerous Terrain test, they are Immobilised. Unlike Infantry, a Walker has a facing, which influences where it can fire and its Armour Value when fired at.

Shooting with Walkers

Walkers can choose to Run like Infantry, and this prevents them from firing and charging that turn, as normal. Walkers cannot Run if they are Stunned or Immobilised.

A Walker that moved can still fire all of its weapons in the subsequent Shooting phase. When firing a Walker’s weapons assume that weapons mounted on a Walker can swivel horizontally and vertically up to 45°. Range is measured from the weapon itself and line of sight is measured from the mounting point of the weapon and along its barrel, as normal for vehicles.

To represent the vastly superior agility of Walkers in comparison with other vehicles, Walkers can fire Overwatch. Furthermore, Walkers can fire their weapons even if the charging unit is not within their current weapon arc, unless they are Immobilised (in which case they can only fire Overwatch if the charging unit’s models lie within their current weapon arc).

Shooting at Walkers

When firing at a Walker, work out which of its Armour Values to use as you would for any other vehicle, based on the position of its body compared to the model firing at it.

Walkers and Assaults

Walkers assault, and are assaulted, like Infantry models, meaning that Walkers make charge moves and can be locked in combat. Walkers that are locked in combat cannot be shot at.

In close combat, Walkers fight like Infantry models. However, any hits scored against them must roll for armour penetration and damage as for a vehicle. Models hitting a Walker in close combat always roll for armour penetration against its front armour unless it has been Immobilised. Against an Immobilised Walker, models always roll for armour penetration against its rear armour. This is because, unlike other vehicles, the Walker turns to face its enemies and rampages through the melee.

If a Walker is armed with two or more Melee weapons, it gains +1 bonus Attack for each additional weapon after the first. Unlike other models, this is not limited to a single bonus Attack, so a Walker with three Melee weapons would have 2 bonus Attacks. If one of its additional Melee weapons is destroyed, one bonus Attack is lost. If the destroyed weapon is a Dreadnought close combat weapon, the Walker loses the bonuses conferred by that Dreadnought close combat weapon.

Shaken damage results do not affect the way a Walker fights in close combat. Immobilised and/or Stunned Walkers fight in close combat with one less Attack than usual (to a minimum of 1), but otherwise they attack normally.

Walkers may make Sweeping Advances, Pile In moves and Consolidations unless they are Stunned or Immobilised.

Ramming a Walker

If a Walker is Rammed by a Tank, the collision is resolved as normal for a vehicle (a Walker cannot attempt to perform a Death or Glory attack when Rammed). If it survives, the Walker can then attack the Tank in the ensuing Assault phase.

Special Rules

All Walkers have the Hammer of Wrath special rule.